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    Snorting Methadone Tablets 
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    Just wondering the bioavailabilty of methadone insuffalated and why people say to just swallow the pill specifically not to snort it. I have snorted the tablets before and found a quicker onset, does it still last as king,,, It's been ages and I was always mixing the methadone with lines of other things (stupid I know).
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    I don't have bioavailability stats handy for methadone atm, however i know it is one of the few opoids that is more fat-soluable than water. Some would likely be absorbed by the mucous membranes yes, however most of what you end up feeling would be what you swallowed via the drip. Then there is the factor of the burn: the only time i insufflated methadone it hurt like a 'sumbitch and persisted to burn for some time.

    Just swallow your methadone, it is significanty more potent via that particular route of administration
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    my pops used to snort methadone...ughhh it feels like u got a scab in your nose

    just take orally you will feel it for more than 12 hours and have a gooood buzz
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    It actually has a really good intranasal bioavailability (almost as high as oral), but burns pretty bad.
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