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    Fatty Food and Opana 
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    ok so this might seem like an odd question but i need some help.

    i know that eating a meal high in fat before taking oxymorphone significantly increases the oral and intranasal bioavailability. well, what constitutes a meal high in fat? honestly i would just drive to mcdonalds and pig out but my license is suspended at the moment so im trying to figure out what to eat. i ask because ive got to eat assortments of cookies or cake or an avocado or whatever ive got at home. i don't know how much fat to eat... like will a piece of cake do the job or does it have to be a LOT of fat? i only ask cause ive tried eating stuff around my house before and didnt really see any results do im thinking i didnt eat enough.

    any help would be great because i only have 2 of my opana er's left and i dont see my PM doc for a few days. i have a high tolerance and would like to get the highest bioavailability possible so i can do smaller doses and so i can just get it figured out.

    ive already stuffed my face with 2 huge pieces of cake. its like 600 calories and 30g of fat. enough?
    in the sake of harm reduction help me so i dont have to eat anymore!
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    Fat is fat, but I'd assume polysaturated fat would be the best. Greasy fast food or deep fried stuff you can do at home
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    Here is the deal: the lipids help the drug to cross the BBB more easily. Eat something like a reeses peanut butter cup. Or heck even a teaspoon/tablespoon of olive oil.

    Opioids absorb best on an empty stomach, so avoid eating a bunch of anything until you're nice and high.
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    I usually try to eat anything greasy(as terrible for you as it is) about 30 minutes before I dose. For example, tonight I ate some pizza before snorting about 15-20 mg of Opana ER and it definitely hit me harder that if I would have just done it on an empty stomach. Pretty much any junk food helps, you gotta have something at your house thats terrible for you =) lol
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    Shitty Fast food seems to work best for me.
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    I've found that SATURATED fat is the best for this. The first time I tried this, it was a bag of Peanut M&M's. This works very well. They are quite delicious too...Peanut Butter, cookies, anything with high concentration of saturated fat and other fats as well. One bag of those peanut mm's were enough to do the job and extended the opana for a couple more hours, and was very noticeable. I think there's a limit on how much to take, but it's not much.. You don't have to eat a huge cake, that's for sure.
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    the only time i went on a run with opana, the first couple times i did it on an empty stomach and was pretty upset i hadnt just gotten 80s instead, but then one day i happened to go to in nout burger before hand and it made a huge difference.
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    Try to get some mcdonalds, i was going through withdrawals, and took and opana 20mg ER and it didnt help. then i ate a huge meal from mcdonalds and now in less then an hour i go from withdrawals (minor) to very high and euphoric. so if you can try to get a friend to take you to a micky Ds or something and def get some fries. then you wont need nearly as much opana and you can stretch it out a little longer.
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