Thread: Smoking Morphine Pills (my trials)

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    Smoking Morphine Pills (my trials) 
    Well I've done some searching on smoking morphine pills, and the verdict is usually OMG SMOK1n PILLS IS RETARDED!

    Well smoking pills works. My tolerance right now is a bit high, it takes me at least 3 OC 30s to feel anything snorted, and one 30 smoked to get ripped. So in my experience smoking pills can be more conservative and way more fun, but its gone fast.

    Morphine is a strange bird... I dont care for the high, usually have to take upwards of 200mg. I smoked a 60mg, and erowid said 5-30mg is the usual dose. I felt a slight body rush, similar to OC but no euphoria, or any sensation in my head. Keep in mind I smoked after I popped about 6 30s of morph.

    It tastes like shit. Dont get excited, OC may taste like marshmallow and flowers but morph tastes and smells like burnt popcorn/rubber. There is a massive amount of filler in most continuous or time release pills, thus the bad taste.

    The high last about 30m-90min, but is a waste. Morphine in my opinion is more of a medical opiate than recreational. Snorting or Popping is the best method if you want it to last a long time, but smoking is a waste, I took many many hits and ghosted them and it was not worth it at all. Smoke pure pills, smaller ones like the 30mg blue roxies or the white check mark 30s.

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    i got a drug problem: i need twice the amount to get fucked off them.
    First of all this post is in a retarded forum for what it is man.

    Second, 90mg oxycodone is a pretty standard opiate user tolerance there dude, i wouldn't go calling that huge, i couldn't get a nod off over 500mg the night before i went into detox and jumped on the buprenorphine(about to be methadone thank god)...enough of my dick sizing.

    Morphine just has poor bioavialability(google search whatever makes no sense to you bro) for most of the routes of administration recreational users use; snorting, eating ect...

    Morphine, to feel why it is considered the standard in pain relieving, kinda needs to be taken rectally or straight into a vein. Smoking it also will work(they obviously were smokin alot of opium in china them years ago... lol). But the reason people freak about smoking pills is because the pill is obviously like 20% drug and 80% godknows what crap they use to bind it together..

    Morph def. aint just a medical opiate, but unless you're a n00b to opiates it kinda needs to be injected or plugged,(or smoked i guess) to be really euphoric.

    If you were to compare injected morphine one day, the try to get that same high with injected oxycodone you wouldn't get the same with oxy.

    morphine rules! when dosed properly.

    In conclusion, stop smoking pills, your lungs are a pretty important organ to have in good shape man, be careful with your opioid tolerance, dont always keep trying to chase the first amazing high you got, and yeah once you inject morphine or heroin your tolerance is gunna sky rocket so steer clear of that if you can lol.

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    Welcome to Bluelight, Opie_OC... sorry to break it to you, but this is not what our forum considers 'research'.

    Drug Studies --> Other Drugs

    OD mods, sorry I don't know all your rules... I'll leave them to you!

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    this ain't thread worthy wise for many reasons.


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