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    Lortab? "Watson 3202" 
    Hi, I was playing some basketball yesterday and I rolled my ankle pretty bad and can barely walk, called up one of my buddies and asked if he had any vicodin he said yeah and threw me 5 of these "watson 3202" pills I was a little confused because they have red specks in them like a breath mint. I didn't say anything because they were free. Anyways I am pretty sure they are lortab 5mg/325mg.
    Compared to a vicodin at 5mg/500mg are these weaker/stronger/same and what is the difference with the less Tylenol? Also are these alright to snort? These red specks are kinda freaking me out. Thanks a lot. Any other information you have on these is helpful.

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    Nothing to be worried about, they also come with blue specks as well. Its just a way to identify them without doing a Pill ID search. I wouldnt name the thread what you did next time though, I clicked on it thinking it was asking if anyone could identify the pill for you which isnt aloud on this site. I've gotten warnings a few times but hey, its their rules lol

    Anyways, dont blow them. Theres far too much acetominophin in them and will just leave you with a clogged nose and disappointed. As far as the tylenol, those two as well as other pain narcotics are often combined with tylenol because it strengthens the opiate in the pill. Trust me, it took me two years to stop blowing those things, i think it was just the habit of putting it up my nose that i was doing it for Try chewing them up. I know its gross but just give em a few good 'chomps' to crush em up a bit and wash it all down with a drink. The high, I MEAN pain in your ankle should be gone for a while when you clog your nose with all that tylenol your just wasting it. Oxys are okay because its all absorbed. Tylenol clogs the capillaries in your nose so the Hydrocodone in it wont absorb in your nose, just leaves you with a gross tasting drip in your throat. Trust me, chew em all up and wash em down. In an hour you should feel a nice buzz Have fun man! I MEAN, I hope your ankle feels better lol

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    Don't snort them. They are just a different generic version of the same old Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen formulation. Try taking one and see if you get some relief, and if not, take a second. In case your not sure, the 5/325 just means instead of 500mg, there is only 325mg of Tylenol. Due to the smaller amount, you may find you'll want to take an Ibuprofen or extra Tylenol in addition to the Lortab to get adequate pain relief.

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    it is better with less 'Tylenol'

    you can snort them, but it isn't fun snorting a bunch of acetaminophen

    much more enjoyable to just eat them, and you'll still get the same result--honestly

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    Didn't know identification was against the rules here..sorry and thanks for letting me know. Thanks for the responses I will try chewing one and see how it is less Tylenol a good thing or a bad thing? Kinda got a mixed response on whether it is good or bad. Once again thanks

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    At low hcd doses, more tylenol improve the pain relief. At higher hcd doses(more than ten mg every 6 hours) it does nothing extra for the pain. At very high doses, it destroys your liver and helps the powers that be keep recreational drug use dangerous.

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    AHHH!!! don't snort vicodin ever man. its way to much APAP no matter what you do. it's also totally not worth it. just eat em up!

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    Dr0 and morph nailed it, both were spot on. For analgesic purposes, more tylenol may be beneficial... For recreational purposes, it does fuck all except destroy your liver if you take high doses.

    Please direct this fare to basic drug discussion next time and PM me if you have further questions.

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