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    Xanax ER 
    How many Mg's of Xanax are in Xanax ER. Will crushing or chewing the med negate the time release factor like old OC's?
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    1) No Pill ID's, you either know the mg per pill or you don't. You can google for what strengths they come in.

    2) From what I hear, no. Plus it will probably taste gross, just take it orally.
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    Chewing them or crushing them will not defeat the time release. The time release is within the pill. Xanax XR comes in 0.5, 1, 2 & 3mg dosages
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    oh wow, I knew about the dosages, and that it came in XR, but I didn't know it wasn't as easy as crushing it to defeat it. are all the generics like that?
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    how does xanax ER compare to other benzos? i'm not a huge fan of regular xanax due to the sedation and short length of effect.

    i'm curious as to how well it kills anxiety while lasting longer than regular
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