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    getting scripts after midnight? 
    ok, so I got a script wrote out for my 90# MScontin 30mg on friday, but because last months was wrote for only 60, at 2 a day, the insurance company wouldn't cover this one until sunday (tomorrow). now, I found a 24 hour walgreens pharmacy just down the street. if I go after midnight tonight, does that make it valid and the insurance company will cover it then?

    what if they have to call the insurance company to approve it, can that happen after midnight?

    basically, I'm just wanting to know if I can get it tonight....after midnight. heh.
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    Sure it's valid at midnight, but IDK enough about how insurance companies work to no whether they actually need to approve it or if it's pre-approved as of a certain date.

    Which probably doesn't help a bit because that's what you are wondering, too. Worth a try.
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    well, this isn't the first time I've gotten scripts filled at walgreens with this insurance. its just that he bumped me up to taking my MS Contin 3 times a day instead of 2 in the middle of last months script which he wrote for 2 a day, so of course I would've ran out early (it shouldn't be filled until the 10th of next month, but I guess since the change, they upped it to the 26th of this month). I took it in friday to get it filled because its dated as the 24th, they called the insurance company then and they said they wouldn't cover it till the 26th. so I don't know if they have that info on record or what. but I know they have my insurance info, because I get all my scripts filled there for morphine IR and morphine CR, my valium, and anything else I get.
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    Can't hurt to give it a shot. I doubt there will be any problems insurance wise, but I wonder if they might want to verify the prescription with your doctor's office since it is for more tablets than you were previously scripted. I think that verifying the prescription would be the only issue you might have with getting them filled at midnight.
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    well, if thats the case, when I took it in friday. I think they would've done all that. like calling and verifying the script with the doctor, and then calling the insurance company to make sure they cover it. would they put that in the record? (I didn't leave the script there, I brought it home with me).

    also, if that were the case, I wouldn't be able to get it filled until Monday. I really hope they fill it tonight, I can't go another day without.
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    I don't have insurance but I usually get my prescriptions filled after midnight at 24hour pharmacies because I work late and I don't have to wait as long. Also, if I have to call in a script a couple days early I find that the late night pharmacists are more compassionate, or just more careless. Either way I think getting scripts after midnight is the best time to get them.

    I realize this is probably an irrelevant post, I apologize, I just had to chime in because I always pick up my prescriptions at like 2am when no one is there.
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    well, apparently my insurance companies computers are down right now. so, no script. extra pissed. now I gotta fuckin' sweat it out until tomorrow morning and hopefully they'll fill it then.

    bitch circled the date on it in red because its hard to read, and she had a problem with my Illinois ID because I live in Arizona now. I'm just super pissed off and hurting so goddamn bad. I know I won't be able to sleep tonight.

    took 800mg of ibuprofen, 25mg of promethazine, 5mg of flexeril, and about to take two nyquil. hopefully that'll put me out until 10am tomorrow and my regular walgreens won't give me any grief.
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    Insurance companies are a pain in the ass. Mine randomly decided to stop covering generic adderall xr.

    I went through the biggest week long song and dance before I could get my prescription filled, had to go into Manhattan to get a new "Dispense As Written" script from my doctor, and then it wound up costing me $60.

    Friggin annoying.
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    So it should go through today since it is the 26th. It's just their computers down and from the sound of it, just needs to be verified. I had taken my oxycodone script at Walgreens in the middle of the night when I used to have insurance. I didn't have any problems.
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    yes, I went at 10am today to my regular walgreens and got it no problem. I now have 5 of them coursing through my veins. I feel much better, but not like I could nod. my last script of 120 of the 30mg IR's fucked my tolerance up. I didn't have any weed last month so I was doing more of my morphine. I still don't have weed, so hopefully I can control myself a little better with these. I've been putting my marinol on cigs, that seems to help get a nod a little, but not much.
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    This happened to me once and I had to wait until 8:00am for the pharmacies computers to update. That only happens once the insurance company is open. So I would call before u get ur hopes up
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    why dont u just ask the walgreens or watever ur going to
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    because I've already gotten my pills. read the last post by me.
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