Thread: Is it okay to take one more adderall?

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    Is it okay to take one more adderall? 
    Hey guys, so today my friend gave me 5 adderall xrs. I took one at 8:40 am , 12:45, 1:45, and 5:45.

    If i took my last one would it cause a slight overdose or would i have a heart attack? They are 30 mg pills (Ive taken 120 mg) If i took one in a few hours would it be bad?

    If i saved it from the morning would it do anything? Other than doing these i dont have that much of a adderall tolerance. (I did it 2 weeks ago)
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    120mg is a lot of amphetamine for a non tolerant individual
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    I'm pretty tolerant to stimulants naturally. If i did it in the morning would I feel anything?
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    Remember its spread out throughout the day.
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    Id appreciate anybody's thoughts... Im kind of impatient due to the mid dose crash of the last adderall.
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    just save it for tomorrow and snort it.
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    I knew a girl who would take upwards of 400 mg of addy in a day. Thatb eing said, she had a tolerance. Just putting it out there.
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    Does anyone else get a mid-dose crash on XR? I feel terrible.
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    basic dosing q over to Basic Drug Discussion
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    you will be fine one more wont make a dif....
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    you won't be able to fall asleep and you'll stay up longer.
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    You've probably already taken it by now, like the other poster mentioned, it'll keep you up later that's for sure. IDK, but asking if taking another pill will give you a heart attack in itself is a good reason not to, if your at that point it's best to refrain. I don't necesarily agree with the "one more wont make a difference, it's usualy that "one" more than sends people over the edge ands leads to feeling like shyt. More in not always better when it comes to a lot of different drugs IMO
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    XRs can fool you. You think its over then it hits you again then its over then it hits you yet again. This leads to people taken more than needed cuz they think its over. Im not saying that this is your case but i know if i took 120mg addy XR i would be zinging for the whole day and possiblely the whole night. That why i think IRs are better. They hit you harder faster and you know when your coming down.
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