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    SOLVED: Oxycontin OP IV Solution 
    Okay so I think I have found a solution to shoot an OP. The problem is that I did a few Fentanyl Patches so I wasn't for sure. But I did get a few friends to try out he method and they agreed it works. So here are the steps for IV use

    Steps to SHOOT OPs

    [*]Cut the OP into small bits
    [*]Next you want to put the pieces in a spoon --- NO WATER
    [*]Cook the pieces until they start to melt
    [*]it will start melting and turn brown
    [*]when it is melted take off stove
    [*]add 1cc of water
    [*]mix this solution
    [*]put back on stove and heat again
    [*]it will turn brown, and looks almost like your doing H
    [*]Now the solution will cook in the water
    [*]heat just like you would a real OC
    [*]once and melted in water, remove from heat
    [*]drop in cotton
    [*]draw up
    [*]get high
    [*]enjoy for a minute
    [*]Get back on BlueLight
    [*]Post Reply of your experience

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    i dont think thats a good idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by DynoSpec View Post
    i dont think thats a good idea

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    oh lol

    Op i have to say, never heard of cooking BEFORE adding the water. I thought that the idea behind this was to add the water first then heat up to separate the wax and other ER additives. adding water first will give space for that shit to go.

    I do get these prescribed tho, so I will give this a try on my next refill and reply to this again.
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    meh sounds like a BAD idea...

    turns BROWN?

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    Please don't do this.

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    Yeah this is just awful. And you DONT heat the water with "real" OCs, much less the OPs!!

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    My doc always scrips me straight generic oxycodone HCL. I swallow them on an empty stomach and within 15 minutes I am feeling good. In fact I just took some almost 15 minutes ago and I am having a hard time controlling this smile that keeps creeping onto my face.

    Anyhow, my opinion on it is that oral is the best ROA for oxy. Plasma levels are higher and it lasts longer when taken orally. A lot of really smart people spent a lot of time and money designing it that way. Hypothetically speaking if you just really want to inject, I think it would be far safer to trade your oxy for some H.

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    You dont know, I could be anyone, anywhere
    Have you seen the thread owners name?

    Are you trying to kill someone? Wtf

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    Do NOT shoot the new OPs

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    DO Not shoot the new OPs. A friend just died from a stroke from shooting the new OPs. He was addicted to OC for years doing six 80mg or more IV daily. We tried to tell him it is not the same, but the addict in him took over and he tried the microwave technique everyone is talking about. Some of the gel got in his blood and he died. Please listen people, if you are IVing the OPs. - STOP. You will die. It is probably safer to do heroin, as so many friends have now switched to. Thanks Purdue and DEA. If I can save one life from this post , I am happy. I am a 20 year user clean for just over a year. Daily for 20 years. I can remember kicking maybe 4 times in 20 years. Now is the time to quit before you die from this OP poison.

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    SOLVED: Oxycontin OP IV Solution 
    That actually works. Who knows what harm it causes, but it does work. SWIM would not suggest it unless you have a slight death wish, which SWIM does.
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    all posts made by the Bluelight username "Droppersneck" are works of fiction and are for entertainment purposes only.
    You have to be either gay or just plain stupid to try this imo. Though I have done my fair share of stupid shit

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    People are going to die on account of this thread.

    It is a shame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Droppersneck View Post
    You have to be either gay or just plain stupid to try this imo. Though I have done my fair share of stupid shit
    I'm not gay, but this part of that post was just unnecessary.

    I agree with the plain stupid part though.

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    Yeah, on second thought, don't try this. SWIM's arm hurts like hell this morning and SWIM hopes he hasn't caused permanent vein damage.

    Not stupid, was just desperately hurting. Sometimes, you just don't care when you're hurting that badly. SWIM will let you know if he's dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Droppersneck View Post
    You have to be either gay or just plain stupid to try this imo. Though I have done my fair share of stupid shit
    wtf does being gay have to do with this?

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    my cousin got ahold of these ops last week and shot a whols syringe of the gel , he only did it one time and said he wouldent do it again but i think it is too late . i told him he was going to have serious complications from this . I am trying to get him to go to the hospital but he wont go . any thoughts

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    My god...please dont do this. I have a friend who snorted a good amount of OP and the next day and im not sure if its still persisting but he could not breathe! The OP gelled up in his nose again (after crushing) like theyre meant to so I would assume that when you shoot them they gel up and harden your veins. This is one of the few times I can say with good confidence heroin is so much safer/cheaper/better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SomeKindaLove View Post
    People are going to die on account of this thread.

    It is a shame.
    Unfortunately the same advice as was given by the OP has been all over the net for the last few weeks.

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    It worked for SWIM. SWIM used a couple shots to absorb it all, unlike the originals. SWIM warns cautionary use. T+45min SWIM has had no adverse effects strokes, seizures or otherwise.
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    Why are a whole bunch of people with very low post counts singing this method's praises?

    If this is an attempt at trolling it is a potentially lethal and very unfunny one.

    Buy some fucking dope instead.

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    I'm with this guy, I would just take double your normal dose orally if you're looking for a buzz on these. its pretty much over for right now on these for shooting.

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    though the guy above has the best intentions i'm sure... for true opiate enthusiates like myself, who enjoy mainlining it, check this out:
    this 'rurik' fellah has an in depth, step-by-step method on how to prepare these annoying OPs for injection. and as someone who has tried it, i can honestly say it WORKS!!!
    ...stay safe everybody. (^.^) XXXO
    p.s. as a side note, it shouldn't matter whether someone posts once or a hundred times a day if they have useful, truthfull info. --sadie

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