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    Too much adderall? 
    Ok i have a pretty high tolerance for adderall and i took 25mg but that was my last of my IR i have a lot XR adderall though so i was wondering even though i have a pretty high tolerance would crushing up then parachuting another 20mg of XR be too much cause i have taken 100mg of adderall IR before but never that much of XR.
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    The XR is pretty much the same thing, the difference being XR is the extended release form of the drug. If you're crushing it up, as far as I know, it will defeat the time release and will leave you with what is essentially identical to Adderall IR. I believe what causes the drug to be released slowly in the XR form is only the capsule and the balls inside it that contain the Adderall. Someone please correct me if I'm giving out uneducated information here.
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    ok because i know that the balls are made to slowy dissolve but im not sure if it is were there is more then 20mg of adderall in the pill and you get 20mg and then it slowly haves you adsorb more so it doesn't wear but that is probably wrong.
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    A 20mg Adderall pill is 20mg whether it's IR or XR. Having XR will not change the total dose, just how fast/slow the dose will be release and absorbed in your body. And as I said before, by crushing it, I'm 99% sure you defeat any time release mechanism in the pill anyways, so you'll be left with just Adderall IR anyways.
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    I use Adderall every once in a blue moon to help me finish a project, complete a task, etc. I get 30mg IR tabs and quarter them. 7mg is enough to set me straight for a solid 6 hours! In your scenario I would take the normal dose (you said 20mg) and slowly step it up (maybe 5-10mg at a time) every 15 minutes or so until you reach the effect that you intended. Correct me if I am wrong but Adderall never gave me a "rush or high", rather, a smooth alertness so i'd think that slowly stepping up would be the safest idea. I know you don't slowly step up opiates (for example) because it won't provide the "rush" similar to a large dose at once.

    If my theory is incorrect please correct me or just totally disregard it :P. Adderall is more of a tool for me and not my DoC.
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    Alrite let me point out that whoever thinks that crushing up the beads in XR's completely turns it into a IR.

    I have done this PLENTY of times, and crushing up the balls DOES NOT completely kill the XR, it may help them get dissolved easier, but the entire drug itself is already designed the way it is, and has a process in your digestive system, unlike IRs

    Ive done pretty much everything to test XR's and IR's and IR's are so much better. A crushed XR doesnt even come close to an IR.

    Ive done both generic and name brand XR's and they honestly suck compared to IR's. IR's hit harder, feell better, unlike the sloooww realease of amphetamines.

    XR's do however last alot longer. And when I say alot longer I really gotta be honest its alot longer than you'd think.

    For a long time I was having so much trouble falling asleep from XR's, and I would take them in the MORNING, and still have to find benzos for sleep over 12 hours later.

    So yeah, they last longer, but IR's win hands down.

    And P.S. I thought the comedown on XR's were worse than IR's, though many people say otherwise.
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    I personally prefer XRs.
    They feel so much stronger and they worked the best for me.
    I will have to agree with you about the XR crash being worst though. I like the crash personally because it came at the right time, and I knew I was just a bed away to stop being depressed. Ir doesn't seem to crash fro me, I take ER Dexedrine though.
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    @LonE1- Do you have any source that can better describe the time release mechanism in the XR form of Adderall? I have much more experience with the IR form than that, so I will admit my lack of knowledge concerning that, but I would love to read something explaining exactly what causes it to be released/absorbed slower beyond just the little balls dissolving slowly. This way I can be more informed in the future and not give out bad information.
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    I honestly dont have a source via web, but my source comes from my psychiatrist who perscribes me adderall and he himself told me that its a bigger process than simply "crushing the balls into powder"

    Ive done this many, many times and compared to IR's it just isnt the same.

    Ive honestly found XR's to work better taken regularly; not crushed, but again, I highly perfer IR's.
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