Thread: NEWS: Shop sells fake urine to beat drug tests

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    NEWS: Shop sells fake urine to beat drug tests 
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    Shop sells fake urine to beat drug tests

    Posted 4 hours 51 minutes ago

    New Zealand retailers are selling synthetic urine to help people beat workplace drug tests for substances such as cannabis and ecstasy, a New Zealand newspaper says.

    The New Zealand Herald reports the phoney pee has a similar chemical composition to real urine and allows workers to pass doping tests imposed by employers.
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    I had a frug test once for school. I failed because I can't dance to sixties music for shit

    On a more serious note, I don't find it too surprising that a business would come up with a way to profit from fraudulent drug test results. Many people I know have purposely taken measures to give a negative reading, despite their drug use.

    I definitely do not condone anyone working under the influence of drugs, especially when heavy machinery is involved. However, these tests seem more invasive than is necessary. The vast majority of the people I mentioned previously who "tricked" the test, did so simply because they enjoy the occasional bong. They'd never work while under the influence, but they enjoy it after work and/or on weekends. The drug test requires them to not smoke any pot whatsoever for an entire month. For a regular smoker, that task can seem insurmountable.

    An alternative to the current urine tests would be to to use the same saliva tests as are in place for drug driving. Surely that would be a better method to determine who is and isn't under the influence during work hours. It probably would be harder to "trick" as privacy isn't necessary when obtaining the sample. And while it's not entirely perfect, in that it may give a positive reading up to 6 hours after smoking pot, it's still far less invasive than nabbing someone for having a single puff on a joint over a month ago.
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    Products like this have been around for 20 years. The people who perform the testing are well aware of products like this even if the whizzinator comes in 5 different skin tones.
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    ^That Whizzinator owner recently got prosecuted for defrauding the US dept of health as a result of his product. The sentence he was looking at in the original article I read was horrendous like 75 years or something, but I have not heard any further about his case.

    I notice the product has been released as the Pissinator, a sex toy, designed to give ones lover golden showers of synthetic urine, harm reduction for piss fetish community, ha ha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peaked View Post
    I had a frug test once for school. I failed because I can't dance to sixties music for shit
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    thats crazy
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