Thread: Can you get hep C from your own blood.

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    Can you get hep C from your own blood. 
    A friend of mine is dead set on saying that it is possible to catch hepatitis C (or a/b ) for that matter from your OWN blood if you use a needle, then wait a couple days and use it again. I've always been under the impression that you cant get any disease from your self (unless you eat you own shit or something). Who is right? me or her?

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    not that i know anything about hep c but common sense would dictate that you couldn't get a disease from yourself unless you already had it - which would be contradictory seeing as you'd already have the disease.

    i'd imagine some bacterial infections could grow on a needle if you left it to sit, and those could cause disease, but i doubt hep c is going to just appear out of nowhere on your needle.

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    if its in your blood.... you already have it... it cant just grow. however other bacteria and crap will grow if you let it sit

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    That's retarded. You cannot get hepatitis C from your own blood. You either already have Hepatitis C, and you got it from someone else's infected blood, or you don't have it, and re-using your own used needles (that no one else could have possibly used) will not give you hepatitis C.

    It's still not a good idea to re-use needles, but if you are absolutely sure you are the only person who used them, you aren't going to get hepatitis C that way. You aren't going to get any STD's this way either.

    You can tell your friend she's ignorant for me now.


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