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Thread: anyone know how 2 make fake roxy 30s?

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    anyone know how 2 make fake roxy 30s? 
    its been around 4 years but cant remember how 2 do it

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    I LOL'D..!! Get the F@&K Out A Here..!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rx_ View Post
    I LOL'D..!! Get the F@&K Out A Here..!!
    u can make them 2 where the only way u can tell a difference is when u dont get high after doing them

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    Trying to rip some kids off?

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    Dude, no.

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    you should write down ROXY 30 on a paper and then tape or staple it to a tylenol.

    it will look pretty legit.

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    im broke and they are plenty of ppl i dont like so u do the math

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    You don't deserve any help.

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    Read the guidelines and posting standards before you start another thread. This is not what BL is for.

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