Thread: How would you describe what it feels like to be "high" on fentanyl?

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    How would you describe what it feels like to be "high" on fentanyl? 
    I find fentanyl to be very strange. I can shoot .25mg and just feel an overall dulled feeling a minute later. No rush at all and no powerful effect if you compare to other opiates at a fentanyl equivalent dosage. Wearing a couple patches does this a couple hours in too soi I use this routes. What does it do for you and how do you do it?
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    When I used to use fentanil, I always would cut the patch into 4 strips and slide them in etween my gums/teeth and cheeks. Buccally(sp?) I guess is my ROA. I always found a nice warm content opiate feeling to come on 20 minutes after dosing. By an hours time, I will be nodding hard. Its verysedating for me, plus for some reason makes me annoyingly itchie. I uuse the large ones though (100mcg).

    I have a massive dilaudid tolerance so fentanil is the only thing left that will getme high, and Ido a whole 100mcg patch at once. I used to use these alot but since I started trying to cut back, its been a while. I have had 6-7 patches just sitting on my dresser for weeks. Fentanil raises my tolerance too much and my goal right now is to lower it.
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    it feels like a more muscle relaxing morphine to me, if that helps
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    I've only had fent once but I really enjoyed the "floaty" feel it gave me.

    The amazing thing is that it actually WORKED on me! I've been on dilaudid for close to 2 years now and my opiate tolerance is so high almost nothing has an effect on me... Even my beloved dillies have lost their shine, but it's all I got since that's what the doc gives me...

    Anyway the point is that last month a ran across one fent patch and plugged it and, much to my surprise and delight, it had an effect on me, and a nice one at that.

    *sigh* I know people treat dilaudid like gold around here, but I'd gladly give them up for fent - that stuff is quite tasty.
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    I wore one for 3 days and it made me feel like I was on a Coke high for two days then a dull morphine ending.

    and it completely killed my tolerance to vis..I was taking 60-90 mg a day of hydro..after one 50 mcg was 120 min.
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    It made me sleepy and couchbound.. a little on the weird end.. I almost want to call it the psychadelic of opoids.. but.. I am not a fan!
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    Iam a regular methadone and diamorphine user and I was recently in hospital where they gave me fenatyl being the first time I had this I tried to fight it but it was like nothing else I have experienced since my opioid affair started this was the pinnacle of any analgesic high but I have tried to find since being discharged from hospital with no luck at all , and can't seem to reach that euphoria again. Devastated but until the next time I suppose what iam taking will have to do !!
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    I have worn the fent patch as directed, put a heat pack on it, put the gel under my tongue, ate the gel, smoked it and even snorted frozen gel. I can honestly say that fent is useless for getting high off as it has absolutely no euphoria at all and certainly can't come close to Morphine or Dilaudid or even Oxycodone or lousy old Demerol for getting high. After a few tries trying to get high on the stuff i gave up and just wore the patch as prescribed. So in short it is by far the best painkiller i have had but is not much better then codeine (if at all) for getting high.

    Also fucking around with fent has killed many a BLer so i would strongly advise not taking it unless you are taking it in it's prescribed manner for pain
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    I don't think it really gets you high imo.

    The effects seem to be more sedation than anything else. If you are sick, it will stop that but that is about it.

    I have had a rx for fentynal patches for quite some time and I am beginning to find them rather useless. The pain relief was decent at first and I liked the simplicity but other than that it seemed to lack the analgesic effects other opiates would provide.

    So all in all it is a rather subtle drug that really slows down the cns which puts people at high risk for overdose as they seem to expect a huge high due to it being a potent medication. So you won't feel much if you abuse it or use it properly. I think if you abuse it, you really should not expect that much from it other than some pain relief and relief from sickness. So please be careful.
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