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    oxycontin OP 80s 
    u have to put in the oven at 250 for maybe 10 to 20 min. they will break apart easily at this point into little pieces. then u put in ur spoon and fill up with water. then i used a burner on my gas stove to heat. adding water as pill breaks down. it works. all u end up with at the end is the binder new stuff they put in there. looks like cotton. the water taste like oxy and when injected def work s well. all that was left on spoon was new binders. def sucks to do compared to old ones but i did it.

    This was someone elses method from another website, but i tried it and it works. plain and simple, it works.

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    Just eat it...

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    How much water do you use? Not a very informative guide...

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    If your going to inject pills I would suggest you get micron filters. I would be scared to inject these pills, not worth it.

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    none of these so-called 'methods' for oc extraction really work. you're just gonna kil yourself tryin to inject lol

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    heres how i shoot op 80s 
    look, the oven thing is no good, but its around the same concept.
    ive been shooting the op's since the week that they came out. there is no sense in using the rurik method and all that. it adds steps and extra work that isnt even needed. so if your sick as hell using that method taking up extra time sucks...i have a video of me preparing an op 80, i also have pictures. but anyhow here is the FASTEST, N BEST WAY. TRIED AND TRUE.

    step 1. keep the green coating on the pill, and place in the microwave for aprox. 1 minute.

    step 2. pull the pill apart. the pill should be really soft and tear apart just by using your fingers. get the pieces as small as u can...and its easier if you do it while the pill is hot.

    step3. make sure the plate is microwave safe. put all the pill pieces on it, close together..dont make it a pile...and microwave it on high for up to 7 minutes.
    some microwaves take 5 minutes, some take longer. depending on how wore out it is, etc. cheap microwaves suck for this.

    step 4. when u see the pill is turning golden brown and melting, keep watching dont want to leave a bunch of white pill showing. but a little is fine. if there is white showing...make sure its gummy....if the white parts are dry and brittle its not going to be done. i usually make sure all of mine is brown....

    step 5crape the pill goo up with a knife. let it harden for a sec, so u dont lose any dope. after it hardens in like 1 minute ur ready to get high

    step 6...put the dope in a spoon, put on stove. add 1 1/2 caps of water...the cap on the back of the rig. and boil it....boil it untill u can smash the dope up real good....keep mashin it around to get the dope out....draw it up...shoot....add more water and repeat...

    u can get all the dope in 2 shots.

    youre not extracting anything when doing this. here is how it works.

    youre burning the remoxy binders out. or whatever its called. there is binders throughout the pill. after this...the binders are gone....i have heard people talk about using chemials to disolve the binders....but for injection..u dont want to do that. its not nearly as safe as cooking the binders out. the people who make the comments about dissolving the binders...were sposed to be smart guys, and have remarks, and last words about everything...but how smart is that really?

    i have pics, and video if anyone needs it. now it does draw up slow. u can heat just a little again to speed it up, or add more water. and it might be hard to push the plunger....its ok, just keep pushin....i came up with this months ago...before anyone had come up with anything, even an idea. i didnt want anyone to know because prices go bak up wich wont be good.

    im deciding to now because, i know how bad it would be to not have my stuff, and not be able to do it. i cant get anything off roxy's or morphine is a must. email me at [email protected] if u'd like video or pics...i can also give my phone number if ud rather me talk u through it.

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    Im assuming you use micron filters?

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    This is more terrible harm reduction advice (as most of the OP discussion is) but here is the definitive thread on this subject. Please direct discussion into there.

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