Thread: How Do I Plug Adderall?

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    How Do I Plug Adderall? 
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    I recently was mistakenly scripted the 20mg IR's instead of the XRs which i have been on for almost two years now. I was started with the IRs in the beginning and just now have recieved by mistake a bottle of 60 IRs. I have never plugged adderall successfully and was wondering how to go about doing so. When i say "successfully"... i mean that i have crushed up into a fine powder... mixed with about 4cc's of water until it appeared dissolved... sucked it into the oral syringe.... and plugged. But when i removed it all the water is gone and a thick orange puddy like mixture is on the end of the syringe where it appears the medication was left behind. Can i have some proper instructions on how to do this properly without feeling like i stuck a syringe in my ass and squirted water into my rectum for fun?
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    Make sure you use enough water.
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    This is pretty straightforward man. You probably just need to mix it better, or like caseface said, use more water. If you get really desperate you could apply heat, that would probably make everything congeal pretty nicely
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    They are pressed with binders that are some of the worst things you'll ever see. Fact they gunked up your administration device is exhibit A. With that said, you may want to try and use a length of water hose and a funnel.
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    movning basic question over to BDD. you could have also use the search engine, this isn't the first time this has been asked.
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    It's insanely simple. Just make sure you use enough water (4 to 10 mL), that you've emptied as necessary and that the depth is (well) deep enough.

    It's pretty simple.
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