Thread: how to feel euphoria/wellbeing from (bupe)Temgesic 0.2mg?

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    Yes its better to use bupe at low doses, allthough someone just starting to take bupe right after a serious opiate addiction might need more than 0.8 mg's of bupe to keep withdrawals at bay. Maybe it would work though, who knows?

    Also, tramadol CAN be mixed with has something to do wiht the way the molecular structutre is built that allows it to be used alongside a partial agonist with extremely strong binding affinities,
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    Hey. I went through all the threads mentioning temgesic/filter/filler but still unclear about a couple of things. I'm pretty IV-naive but right now having some acute problems and need to stretch the little bupre I have left (.4 temgesic) as long as I can, even an extra week would mean a lot. I'm familiar with the risks but still this remains the lesser evil. It's a long story but it's an all in-situation. Best I can do is minimize the risk. I don't have micron filters, only some chemically cleaned cotton.

    Is it the fillers building up in the body that is risky or do they have acute effects?
    Does chemically cleaned cotton still have the bacteria that supposedly causes cotton fever?
    Will a sterile cloth and antiseptic solution work as well as an alcohol wipe?

    Pardon the paranoia, I don't much like it myself. Pretty sure it is temporary, can't really think straight atm. Filtering many times with cotton is the best I can do today. Local pharmacy hadn't heard of micron filters. If it's not worth it, I don't know what to do next. Thanks in advance.
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    Cut/replace it with a full-agonist; only way lol.
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