Thread: how long after taking xanax can i take oxycodone?

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    how long after taking xanax can i take oxycodone? 
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    I take xanax at night every once in a while to help me get to sleep, between 9:30pm and 11:30pm last night I took 2MG of xanax. This morning, at 8:30am, I snorted 40mg of oxycodone, forgetting I had taken the xanax the night before, and now I'm worried that the xanax might dangerously conflict with the opiate. Could I possibly be at risk for overdose or should the xanax no longer have an effect mixed with the oxycodone? Its now been over 3 hours since I've taken the oxycodone and I don't feel too high, just really tired and now kind of panicky. Just to clarify, i have a decent opiate tolerance and 40mg isn't a huge dose for me, but i don't have too much of a xanax tolerance.

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    Shouldn't be a problem if you're used to oxy & take xanax now & again.

    Why not try a moderate dose of both at the same time....should be fun...

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    You're fine,xanax doesn't last very long.and if you feel panicky like you said then you definitely should be good since I imagine someone on xanax and oxy wouldn't have a care in the world lol.

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    I think you will be ok.....just be careful when mixing opiates with benzos.

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    The fact that you are aware of your situation means you're fine haha. If you were bar'd out at this point you wouldnt give a fuck

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    Do you not have much experience with taking opiates and benzos??

    If not you should research more on what dosages to take and how to take them correctly.

    I would imagine someone with any experience with these drugs would know that taking 40 mg's of oxy several hours after taking only 2 mg's of xanax isnt too risky of a situation....even with someone with very little tolerance.

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    Basic combo threads belong in BDD, and it appears your question has been answered.

    If you aren't going to combine serious dosages of both together, and are an otherwise healthy adult, then you should be fine.

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