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    Suboxone questions 
    Does suboxone push opiates out of your system faster then normal? If i last took something 5 am today when should it be out? If i took something 5 am today when should i take my first sub and how many mgs? All info is appreciated thank you
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    wait 24-36 hours before taking subs, trust me if you dont you will regret it, yes subs will push opaites out of your brain immediately and burproperin will ease the effects of the Naloxone. Naloxone is what they give to people who are ODing off heroin, so you know its gotta be a strong counter-opioid

    subs are only strong for people who have zero opiate tolerance, i used 16mg subs the first and only time i used that crap. you should be sick when you take em, all runny nosed and snot faced. try 2mg if not take 2 more and repeat. I personally would rather not use then use that crap. bupe is a partial opiate which means it has affinity with opiate receptors but only partially, if you can imagine taking subs is like feeling half detox pain and no high.

    you should get your friends high off the subs and not use it. slap whoever gave it to you.
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    I know from personal experience even 20 hours isn't even close to long enough for a heavy dope habit. it sent me into horrible percip wds for six hours and I didn't feel okay for a full twelve. however it does depend on the half-life of the opiate your using, how much and how often you use, and how long you've been using. if your using methadone you'd have to wait days.

    its best to wait until your sicker than you've ever been. if you wait long enough and your sick enough, usually 2-4 mgs. will make you feel 100 times better within 30 mins to an hour. if not your gonna be sick as fuck and shit out of luck for a while. ( although precip. wds can be reversed by a large dose of opiates) . if 4 mgs. still doesn't make u feel 100% then wait a couple hours and take another 4, but that should be enough no matter what.

    if your really trying to get clean and off opiates suboxone is a great tool. I promise u if u do it right u wont even be in "half detox pain", u will feel pretty normal almost right away. just be patient and wait till your super fuckin sick.
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    Ok. I take a drug test once a week and do heroin and suboxone. I have no problem switching back and forth.

    1) You can ALWAYS take opiates after suboxone. Worst case, you just dont feel the other opiates
    2)Precipitated withdrawal, eh. Think: If suboxone binds to receptors you wont be in withdrawal. There are reasons this happens, wont go into depth, but just think. If you really want me to explain I will
    3) I can jump back and forth 12 hours after a shot LOGICALLY there is no reason to be sick to take sub, just think about what is LOGICALLY happening.
    4)Opiates dont stay in your system long. Sub will not remove them from system faster, but will from brain. Think of it was balls. Heavy balls knock little balls off the receptor. (As for Opiates+Sub if you have 10 ball slots, and fill 5 with sub, you can fill the other 5 with opiates, if all 10 are filled, doing the opiates will be a waste unless A)the suboxone is fading or B)You have a bigger ball.
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    Easy Answer

    If you take an opiate first wait 14hrs (minor to moderate W/D) hours or you'll be forced into precipitated withdrawal.

    If you take sub first wait 14 hours or it will be a waste.
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    Btw, there is a suboxone megathread where this ? Wuld be best suited, also I'm positive your question was answered a few times in that thread.. I'd utfse. And yea you'll wanna wait until your into moderate w/d before takin the sub or you'll regret it.
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