Thread: Will Clonidine show up on a UA (urine analysis)?

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    Will Clonidine show up on a UA (urine analysis)? 
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    I have an appointment with my suboxone doctor tomarrow, and I was wondering if clonidine (the blood pressure medication), not klonipin/clonazepam a benzo., but clonidine for blood pressure just want to eliminate confusion because some of the things I've read people get the two confused. Anyways I have a couple from a old prescription, but I don't want to take them if they show up on a UA. Thanks in anvance for any replys!

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    I don't see why they would. They're not abusable in the least and if you're just getting a standard NIDA5 then it definitely shouldn't show.

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    Unless they were testing for clonidine specifically. Which is highly unlikely. This is a medication for high blood pressure. It is not abused.

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