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    Recreational use of Tizanidine 
    I have seven Tizanidine (M722) pills that were given to me. I am wondering, is there any real recreational possibility out of this? How many would I need to take? Thanks.
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    I really haven't felt any kind of high from it, but I have used it as a sleep aid when I prescribed Zanaflex for muscle spasms. Worked great for my sleep issues, nothing else. I wouldn't take them unless you would like to use them for sleep, or you have some opiates to take with it to make your high a bit stronger. Just try not to exceed 2-4 mgs for your first time ingesting them or you probably will just fall asleep.
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    snort 2mg and you'll feel a high for a couple hours.. i get the 4mg tabs and if i swallow a whole nothing happens but if i snort half i get fucked up for a while.
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    Where i live people sometimes inject Sirdalud (tizanidine) with Subutex (buprenorphine).

    Also a "buprenorphine + midazolam (dormicum) + tizanidine"-cocktail is popular but i concider it a bit too hardcore..
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    Anyone got toxicity reports on this substance? The molecule itself nearly has more N atoms than C atoms lol...usually compounds with so many N atoms are highly toxic. May be why the doses are so low? Anyone knows?
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    Not recreational on its own. Combo it with opiates or strong benzos (eg. IV Midazolam), by snorting 2-6mg, it should synergize very nicely. Provides very strong muscle relaxation but you may have difficulty walking with spaghetti legs for a moment.
    With strong benzos it's particularly useful, since it increases relaxation and sedation, but you can take less benzos and have a smaller chance of not remembering the stupid shit you got up to.
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    I tried 4 mg Tizanidine last night for the first time. No particular high I could sense, but after about 30-45 minutes the sleepiness hit me harder than any of the few general sleep-inducers I've tried (Ambien, Restoril, even weed or alcohol) or Ativan. Knocked me out for about 4 hours but then I was up after that and had a hell of a time getting back to sleep. Doubt I'll try it again because the feeling was not pleasant. I also didn't feel any particular muscle relaxation, but then I don't have any issues in that department.
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    i think there is definitely recreational value to tizanidine--most present when mixed with other things.

    It comes with a bit of caution; i've mixed it with alcohol, but that's probably not advisable as tizanidine is hard on the liver. When i get fairly drunk though, my inhibitions lowered and such, i tend to take like half a pill or so.

    I've also mixed it in with a line of blow and etizolam, that was pretty good as the combo took the edge off of the coke.
    That and with gabapentin, which increases the semi-sedate nature of gbp.

    I've also thrown in hydroxizine to the mix, but that is just asking for near comatose sleep (or odd blackouts that involve dumping cheerios into a toaster oven...[gbp, alcohol and etizolam were also involved...])

    By itself, it helps with sleep, but as mentioned above it errs on the very short acting side like ~2-4 hours.

    I've never done more than 2-3mg, that usually seems to be enough (or i fall asleep)--and again i'm usually wary of the toll my intake is taking on my liver.
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    I find it weird that an adrenic agonist provides sleep.
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    Tizanidine is too sedating for me to enjoy
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    I was just doing some background research on tizanidine before trying (for medical condition).. & felt it necessary to just correct an obvious error here:

    Quote Originally Posted by ~NaStYNaI~ View Post
    I find it weird that an adrenic agonist provides sleep.
    First, just b/c it's an ADRENERGIC drug, this does NOT mean whatsoever that it is an agonist or antagonist one way or another at adrenergic receptors. It just means it interacts w/ the adrenergic complex (for comparison: a lot of antipsychotics, as well as the antidepressant mirtazapine (Remeron, brand name) act as antagonists at dopamine receptor subtypes.. BUT, they're "dopaminergics".. just like cocaine, which is a dopamine-releasing-agent w/ quite opposite effects). What you are really overlooking is the fact that selectivity for certain subtypes/subunits--or certain "kinds"--of receptors cause differing effects (I gave you one example above w/ cocaine, here's another: agonists at the kappa subtype opioid receptor (i.e., Salvia) causes quite opposing, odd, and very-much-DIFFERENT effects than agonists at mu-subtypes of the opioid receptor (i.e., morphine).. Should it be "weird" that these effects are different? or that morphine doesn't make you hallucinate).

    And yes, tizanidine most certainly acts as an agonist at a particular kind of adrenergic receptors. But, you're missing the fact that it is highly selective for the alpha-2 subtype of adrenaline receptors (as are clonidine, detomidine, dexmedetomidine: all of which are anti-hypertensives, cause sedation, & even analgesia. Another, Guanfacine, is particularly utilized here in the US to treat anxiety, PTSD, & hypertension). Conversely, look at antagonists at this receptor: including, but not limited to, stimulants like YOHIMBE. So generally, agonists of this particular subtype create sedation, hypotension, & muscle relaxation. Your question just seems way off the mark here: I mean, should we all assume SSRIs & MDMA create similar effects b/c they're both serotonergic agonists (or akin to the effects of an agonist, i.e., reuptake inhibition mechanism)? No. SSRIs have more selectivity at certain serotonergic subunits/subtype receptors--which cause some SSRIs (depending on its affinity to which subunit or type) to even cause drowsiness & act as a minor anxiolytic. Being an agonist is not akin how natural norepinephrine or epinephrine would plug into all these receptors. Nor does it mean that general adrenergics all have similar effects (methamphetamine is an adrenergic). Think of psychedelics: their effects are mainly from highly selective agonist action at the subtype serotonin receptor of 5-HT2a (a few others too); but do other highly selective serotonergics cause such effects? No. SSRIs sure don't. Other serotonergic acting antidepressants sure don't.

    ...However, i'm not entirely convinced myself the full scope of tizanidine's pharmacological profile is known. (apologies to any of you biochems out there for using "subunit" and "subtype" interchangeably, i didn't feel that their minor differences were relevant for this post)
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    Just snorted 8mg did nothing but numb my throat :/
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    are you positive ?? im about to do this. dont steer me wrong bruh
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    If you are not used to tizanadine and you take 5-4mg pills it can make you a little bit high, but also a little sleepy. I have an extremely high tolerance to all meds. It sucks. I have to take 40-4mg tabs of dilauded to feel a little high for 45-60 minutes. How do I lower my tolerance? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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