Thread: How to prepare m-eslon brand morphine for injection

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    How to prepare m-eslon brand morphine for injection 
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    Yeah, I know its illegal to do so, but I have a buddy who "lost his prescription" or atleast thats what he told me, so I lent him a few of my hydromorph contins. He came by today and gave me these pills. Heres a description.

    -the top of the capsule is almost highlighter yellow, and the bottom is clear.
    -they have a little logo on the top half, and say "m-eslon 15 " on the bottom clear part of capsule.

    He said they are morphine sulphate sustained release. Im guessing 15mg. So does anyone know how to bang these? Can I e><pect the same pins and needles feeling that mscontin gives me at first? These totally weren't worth dilaudid's at all, but i did it to help him out so he wouldn't be sick. I have 60 of them, so I would like to be able to use them.

    Please no "no needles" or "dont bang pills" bullshit. Im well past that point with 8 years in, Im a life'r. Thanks

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    a 15mg ER morphine is not really worth the effort of trying to bang.

    I hae 15mg IR pills that don't gel and they're enough work for me. so I can imagine those would be harder and if you put enough of those together to make a reasonable shot and you're not gonna be able to get anything out of it.

    if you're gonna bang morphine its best to get the instant release, or at least a higher mg ER.

    my suggestion, crush the beads and put the powder in a rolling paper and parachute it.
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    yea man do this all the time,

    open caps

    pour out how much you want 15mg, 30mg, ect into spoon.

    crush every little bead so the MS can get out

    add 1ml sterile water or saline

    heat while stiring till the mixture goes kinda chalky and the wax gells up and floats around

    add cig filter and draw into barrel

    draw up cold water to cool down mixture say 2ml (stop wax getting throung filter)

    push through a Blue whell filter (0.2 micron) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. into another barrel

    add needle and shoot.

    its quite clean this way
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    dont heat pills, cig filter is awful use cotton pls!
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    are these a common pill?
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    how to prepare m-eslon for injection 
    the methods described are okay, but to get the best of the best of the "pins and needles" you are describing and to wind up with a bonus in the form of what we here where i live the "wash" or "re-cook" a life saver on black sundays, which are what we here call no 'med's around days'

    so what you do, and interesting in the colour difference in countries. here our 15s are pink and therefore called 'pinkys'

    depending on your level of usage will depend on how many mls you require for that feeling you are looking for. you dont mention the dosage of your 'hydro-morph contins' which i wonder are dilaudid's here. dilaudid is called 'hydromorph' so who can say. we do a fairly high dosage so :shrug: hard to say one user to another.

    anyhow, you put the beads in the spoon, no saline :noway: not good, sterile or tap water, depending on where you live. but water enough to cover or to the level in your needle you want it filled to. using your needle as the means of measure is good when getting started. eventually you just know how much you need. then you take the plunger out of your needle or use an old one that you keep for this purpose. heat the beads and water in the spoon until it just boils and the bead just float to the top and form a little grouping.

    lay spoon down and use the round larger side of the plunger to push the bead mass against the edge of the spoon over and over again until you have a little 'puck' push that to the side, or take out with the plunger. keep this on the edge of your sink or a dish and let it dry out for a couple days then store in a closed pill container. use a filter of your own choosing, we use a piece of cigarette filter then suckup in to the needle, remove air and either m/l or skin pop or what your method of injection is. put your filter with your bead puck and let it dry too. you save these for the days you have nothing. then on those days you put it all or half or how ever much you think you need into a larger spoon and repeat the entire process again as though it were fresh beads. you just have to really press and push the pucks and filters. remove them as before, you can save this too and get one more weaker but still okay and get you unsick wash. then suck up, inject and there you go.

    this has been the best and most effective by far method i have encountered in the use of m-eslon for injection.

    cheers, good luck.. let me know how it works for you. and just wondering, not in terms of sales or anything of the sort, but what do the prices run per ml where you are. here we pay x for a 15. if you are lucky and know the right people you pay only x... it goes up in dollar for dollar increments, like x fora 60ml.

    again cheers, notmy1st
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    You probably want to micron filter them, after cotton filtering them.

    I'm not telling you not to shoot them, just that there is a relatively more safe way of doing it.
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    I'm confused by the no heat techniques. I was taught to add gradual heat. I haven't seen it done any other way. the more you know...
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