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    can you sniff somas? 
    i've been searching for 20 minutes and can't find anything. i was looking to see what had the best bioavailabilty
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    arn't they huge? the soma i had were horse pills. plus it was not a high I would think would be improved by snorting. I do not know anything about the bioavailability, but I would swallow.
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    they are big. but i need to eat 3 for a high. if sniffing one would get me high then i'd do that
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    i've snorted them before but it really doesn't increase the high what so ever. You be better off eating them. They do go up pretty smooth though.
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    Sounds pretty basic to me...

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    I read it burns like a bitch...
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    Why would you snort Somas? It takes 15minutes maybe 20 to hit you when you drop them orally. BA is not helped at all by any other method, and I dont think IV Carisoprodol would be too pleasant anyways. Taking three is pretty low dose considering...if you want your tolerance to go down you only need to give it a day or two break anyways
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    You could plug them, though I don't know if it would result in a better BA.
    Pills are to be eaten
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    They taste fucking hideous, the drip can't be nice.
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    Eat those fuckers, but, watchout this shit is really addicting. A short intense 2 hour high brings the benzo and z drugs to there knees.
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    they ave a high oral BA.. i wouldn't try snorting em
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    You can snort more or less anything, but with most pills it's just not worth it for SO many reasons.

    First of all, you'd end up snorting like literally 20 lines or something totally ridiculous like that. & I wouldn't be surprised one bit if Somas were filled with tons of filler shit. I also think it's more likely than not that they can't be absorbed through your nasal cavities or mucus membranes or fucking whatever.

    But, snorting them wouldn't kill you, it would just be silly. So if for whatever reason you're dead set on snorting them, then, in addition to thinking you must be at least slightly out of your mind, I also definitely think that you should at least try cutting off a tiny bit of one of the pills & snorting that, just to make sure you don't spend forever turning those pills into powder just to realize snorting them tears your nose apart the way snorting shit like Darvocets does.
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    of course you can snort them...if it turns to powder, you can snort it. however, BA is very high orally, and one of the beautiful actions of SOMA happens when your liver breaks it down into meprobamate (Miltown), and old school anxiolytic with barbiutate like effects. Another active metabolite is hydroxycarisoprodol, which again, can only be formed by swallowing. i encourage you to start VERY low, as SOMAs seem to do next to nothing with x number of pills, but 1 more above that and youre a hot mess, unable to walk, slurring, nodding off, giggling etc...and if youre in company, best to have a good excuse as to why you look so drunk, but have no alcohol smell on you whatsoever. Never mix SOMA with othert CNS depressanrs util you are absolutely sure of your personal tolerance. Anna Nicole Smith took SOMA (among other things)...she didnt turn out so well. be safe and for the sake of your nose, dont snort SOMA.

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    Like others said they usually come in 350 mg so they are "horse" pills.
    Personally if you don't know what they are or if its your first time you might love it.
    But after a while you get bored of them. High last anywhere from 20 -40 mins then you
    are just tired.

    They are great for potentiation of opiates tho. Especially codeine because it let's you
    convert it into twice as much morphine.
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    It burns pretty bad.
    The pills are big so that would be alot of powder. Just take it or parachute it.
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    Just tried it they work better orally but they don't burn at all and they dont last as long so my suggestion is eat em or plug em unless u just really wanna snort somethin.
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