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    Best way to do a cotton rinse 
    I have been trying to perfect the best way to get a good hit out of just using old cottons that were once soaked in heroin. I have had access to a fuck load of them for the past three days after I found them in a shoebox at the end of my moms bed. So far this is the method that I use:

    1: It is best to pick cottons that are Damn near as hard as a rock from being used a few times and left a little wet each time.
    2: If they are good and saturated like I mentioned above, then I like to use 3-5. This amount gets me pretty high, but I always taste dope in the cottons when I'm done.
    3: I like to use about 10 mL of water per cotton, never using more than 50 mL. (Someone tell me if this is a good rule,I use a similar rule when I'm shooting up just plain dope.)
    4: Finally I just suck it up into my rig, stick myself, and relax.

    My question is as follows: Can I do this in a more efficient way, as to extract ALL of the available heroin from my cottons, or should I expect to taste some dope left in my cottons?
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    First off, wrong section of the forum.
    Second off... Are these your mothers cottons?
    Even if they are yours, you shouldn't do it.
    Bacteria grows like crazy on those little things, so you're essentially IV'ing bacteria. Honestly, it might save you a lot of cash, but its not worth it. You can get cotton fever, where about a half hour after shooting up, your temperature will rise above 100 degrees, and you will feel like crap, and after thats over, you'll be back to square one with withdrawal.
    If you insist on doing this, filter the used cotton multiple times through clean un-used cottons. But I'm not going to say this will make it any safer.
    Threads already covering this:
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    First of all, yes it is very dangerous/risky (and maybe even stupid) to use old used cottons to try to get high. But I can say that I have done it at least 500 times and believe that I have a method which reduces the bacteria and maximizes the amount of heroin absorbed.

    First I take all the cottons I want to use....Prefferably the darkest ones (and yes sometimes the harder they are the better they are). ***When I shoot up I like to use a cotton only once and leave as much juice as possible without it becoming oversaturated, then put it in a plastic bag with the other cottons I have used and then tie it off so to retain the moisture.***(this usually will prevent the cottons from getting "rock hard" as you say because the closed bag prevents this from happening.)

    After all the cottons I want are in the spoon/cooker I take my needle and fill it compeltely with water and squirt it onto the cottons. Then I usually take a few more units into the needle and squirt that on too especially if there are alot of cottons. (youll see why I do this in a minute).

    Then I cook the fuck out of it with a lighter until it has been "boiling" for a few seconds atleast. Now here comes the important part. ***Take the needle cap and use the top side to smash all the cottons (kinda like you would smash grapes to make wine). Smash, smash, smash and youll see the liquid getting much darker from this. Than its important to cook it again until it boils and repeat this process atleast one more time (preferrably 2 or 3 more times....if you want the maximum amount of heroin). Than with your finger or the needle cap (cuz it should be hot as fuck) and take all the cottons out leaving you with a dark brown (hopefully heroin filled) solution.

    Make sure you cook it to boiling point again after you take the cottons out so you can kill any germs that might have contaminated it while you were trying to pull them out(possibly with your fingers). ***That is why I told you to put sooo much water in the spoon because after all this cooking alot of water should have evaporated or spurted out during the boiling process.*** But thats fine cuz you should still be left with atleast a 3/4 full needle.

    Than you need to simply put a slightly bigger than usuall cotton in the spoon/cooker and pull it up into the needle and than what you do from there is your own choice.

    ***All of what I typed is simply what I have learned over a long time too be the best method of extracting heroin from cooton balls. I, however, do not reccommend or condone this activity because it is risky and dangerous. But I can say out of the 500 odd times I did used this method, I never once got an infection.
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    cottons and my best ever high+ Dr suboxone at yer service 
    take the cottons on put then is a script bottle ....cover do not seal add enough water to make all them wet in the script bottle..even 3-4 cc...wha????? you say well once you hit the bottle for approx 5-7 secs in the micro 5sec on 5sec off for aprox 1 minute or untill you start to get boil-over or sputter nloss and so on as to not explode yer shit allover the roof...once mix is hot pour into large table spoon then grab the cottons that are left and squeeze the left over fluid also in to the table spoon then cook it down (w/ lighter or gas stove) to the proper amount 1 shot? or more what ever your deal is.....this is the final and best answer your will ever hear of or read about....pejorative speaking

    remember Iam the master of kicking opiates...suboxone can put you in heaven or hell its all in the level of ignorance one has ill help anyone walk through anytime
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    Getting to the point ...
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    my grl has been askin me about shooting subuex!! hav heard of ppl doin n they say they was fucked up..but then i read on here how dangerous it can be...i told her i dk how to do it but i would ask on here m see if u get any answers!!!
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    As they mentioned, there would be bacteria in there, specially if they are someone else's cottons. If u know who's cottons they are & don't care to share that kinda stuff with them, or if they are yours, then I do have tips that can help get get all u can from those cottons. First off, whatever blood related bateria such as diseases, I'm not sure if u can get rid of that bacteria by adding heat that's why I made sure I asked if they were urs or not... I do know that a lot of bacteria is disinfected with a certain amount of heat. Another disinfectant is lemon or vinegar, as people do use that to prepare crack for the syringe, it dissolves the crack, and apparently, is safe to shoot (but hurts like hell if u miss, I've done it). So, adding half part lemon juice or vinegar with half part water, I use about 20 units for each cotton, which will saturate, dilute, and clean the cotton out more than less water would, once ur cottons are in the spoon along with the liquids, add a flame to the bottom of the spoon (this helps extract more dope from the cottons, plus helps the liquids go through ur veins quicker once u shoot them. I usually keep the flame on for 7-15 seconds, depending on how much is in there, I try to avoid any boiling/bubbles. Then, I tap and swirl the cottons with my syringe plunger a few times (but not too much, that can cause cotton fever, which is also not a good feeling at all!) make sure U r in a warm room, where ur body is warm enough for a good blood flow, I usually shoot in my arm or hand so I work the area by shaking it or exercise it for a bit, I find my vein, tap or rub it a few times, and then shoot it. Afterwards, I will shake my arm again to make it flow faster.
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