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    introducing myself 
    hello.... i decided i should join this community having spent hours reading the 6-apb thread and also the 5-iai thread. i took mephedrone for the first time about 2 weeks before it was illegalised and again a couple of weeks after the ban, that's my only experience of research chemicals tho i should say my experience of geniunely illegal substances is far reaching. In fact both times i took mephedrone i was on some sort of mdma compound as well, the first time some 5 year old es that my mate had found in a bottom of a box - they were surprisingly effective, and the second some of the white powdery mdma thats going about at the mo - its nowhere near as strong as the proper crystal stuff prevalent a couple of years ago but it does work in the expected manner...

    actually about 4 years ago i had a gig in bath and i met an old pal who sold me a gm of crystal mdma for [snip] ...It was the first of 4 gigs, the last one being at a hippy party in wales so i had to wait 4 nights before i could try it (i may be a party animal but i'm also professional in my work). so rest assured the moment i came off stage i stuck a dampened finger into the bag and ingested approx 1/3 of the contents (ie a tenners worth). virtually the only thing i can remember about the ensuing hours was at one point sitting down and explaining to someone that i was too off my face to have a conversation with them, and then realising i was actually talking to an overhanging tree branch, and also the next day my friends commenting that although it had appeared i knew exactly what i was saying the noises coming out of my mouth were unintelligble.

    i'm going to recount one more tale of excess (except it wasnt which is interesting cos you never know sometimes).... Back in the early 80s a couple of friends and i discovered magic mushrooms growing on our school field (liberty caps) needless to say we harvested about 80-90 and ate them on our way home from school. i will always remember my first psychedelic experience but my second, a few daze later i will always remember too...

    My mates and I were cock-a -hoop! we couldn't believe what we had discovered! so during the morning break one friend and i picked about 25 mushrooms and took them to our next lesson, biology. after showing them to the teacher and not getting them confiscated we decided to half them so we would get a bit of a buzz during the lunch break... within 10 minutes the orange exercise books were sending shafts of light to the ceiling and i was feeling very strange, I felt a desperate urge to leave the classroom and i walked up to where the teacher was and send i feel sick but by then i was only seeing in brief strobe like glimpses the rest blackness. I staggered back to my mate but by then apparently i'd turned green and all the girls in the class were crying... I woke up about probably 20 - 30 seconds later being dragged into a technicians room feeling absolutely fantastic. I was sat in a chair, the whole room was pulsing psychelically and all the main teachers, heads of years etc... were being summoned, and for the first time i saw them not through a view of scared child but actually just the humour of knowing that i was fine and they all just didnt know what to do.... in those days at my comprehensive school drug use was a bit of a shock

    Me and my mate got taken to hospital and they gave us some medicine that made us be sick took about 30 mins, my kidney bowl contained mainly bile and a couple of still perfectly whole liberty caps floating around in it.

    If anyones got this far my punishment was: 1 detention hahaha It was a good school though. Me and the same mate experimented with much much larger quantities soon after these experiences and also lsd but these days its occasional lines of coke, the odd mdma/e hit and daily hash, weed and alcohol

    I am interested in new experiences tho, and my mephedrone samples steered me in the way of RCs and thats why ive found my way here. i've spent about 2 days working out whether to buy some 5-iai or not, still can't decide mainly cos all this 6-apb nonsense makes me distustful of everyone.

    Anyway I do not sell, nor do i know anyone who sells RCs, and I offer a full money back guarantee that everything i may post in the future is completely free of any commercial interest/bias.
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    Okay, good intro mate. One thing, I edited prices out of your post. Please no prices. Make sure you read the forum guidelines before you post. Each sub forum has a set, please read them!

    There is lots of information here about RC's, try using the search engine

    Welcome to BL!
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