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    v2089 XANAX 
    Anyone ever hear of this. i filled my script today they are usually GG blues, but these were bright clue V2089. are these just as good? i noticed they didnt seem as potent. Im pissed as hell

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    btw they are also Footballs

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    If what you were taking 1mg xanax then there's nothing to worry about. If there's any difference it would be so tiny that you couldn't notice it. For more info check out the Name Brand vs Generic thread. Even though in your case its generic vs generic. But yeah pretty much the same.

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    GG is Sandoz generic imprint; V is for Qualitest. Both are generics, both are the same potency.

    When comparing Watson generic Norcos to Qualitest generic Norcos, I've noticed that the Qualitest are much harder(harder to break in half, etc) and the effects seem to come on more gradually, yet last longer. In contrast, the Watson's are easy to break, work quickly, but drop out quickly too.

    Perhaps the Qualitest Xanax is formulated in a similar way that makes it pseudo-time release, especially compared to the Sandoz(which I myself have as well), which dissolve easily and work very quickly.

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    ^good info.

    We done need more brand v generic or generic v generic discussion... Its futile and speculative.

    You got 1mg xanax pills. Any difference in effect is relatively insubstantial and they wouldn't be on the market if there truly was a substantial therapeutic difference.


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