Thread: What is the effect of Inderal (Propranolol) taken with Adderall IR?

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    What is the effect of Inderal (Propranolol) taken with Adderall IR? 
    I am prescribed a bunch of stuff and I was wondering about how these will combine.

    I am prescribed Inderal for performance anxiety panic attacks which happen when i get in front of a crowd to speak.

    From what I know the Inderal is a beta-blocker and blocks adrenalin from being released (The adrenalin is responsible for shaking voice, racing heart, sweating, tremors, and all the physically showing effects of a panic attack) It works really well for this.

    I am also rxd Adderall IR for my totally awesome adult ADD, I take usually 3 20mg doses a day. Sometimes more if I am going recreational.

    Does anyone have any experience with combining these 2 pharmaceuticals or know if one would contradict or overpower the other?

    The Inderal has an effect on me where I am slightly flatlined, like the fight or flight response is heavily suppresed. When I hear a loud noise I don't feel that instant reaction. It also seems to lower my blood pressure and heart rate.

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    Just a question, didn't you just say that you are prescribed both already? Or do you take the Inderal on an as-needed occasion and haven't combined it with your daily Adderall prescription?

    If you haven't combined them yet than no, they won't have an interaction. If anything, possibly the Inderal may very slightly decrease the effects of Adderall. Probably not though.

    Why did you say your awesome adult ADD? I may get a prescription for amphetamines but they still don't control all my irritating symptoms. I really wish I don't have ADD. Or are you being sarcastic?

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    yeah i use the inderal as needed only before a meeting or presentation where - normally i would be shitting my pants out of some strange totally irrational fear of crowds, it's my only phobia, and it has pretty much limited me my whole life.

    I was being sarcastic about the ADD comment, it's a bitch and has screwed up my life on many levels, there's much more to that disease then just a lack of attention, they need to make a better drug then adderall already. Adderall works to kep me focused and motivated but the side effects are rediculous, it nearly kills my sex drive and the paranoia and shakiness is wack as hell.

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    Experience note on this: Today I took the Inderal about 45 minutes before I took my Adderal and the result was a MUCH smoother speed buzz. I found the Inderal to be really effective at inhibiting the nasty adrenalin-driven Adderall speed effects from arising in the first place. It's much like a benzo combo except not mentally blunting. Very interesting. I will have to experiment more and repeat the results to verify.

    Another note on my personality type: I am 35, and a combat veteran of Gulf War II diagnosed with ADD and PTSD. The PTSD messes with my adrenalin and fight-or-flight emotional responses [can heavily exacerbate them] so this combo might work really well for someone that is considered "nervous" yet still needs or wants to Amp.

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    Yeah I highly recommend this combo. The inderal has maintained it's strangely simply anxiolytic barrier for 2 hours now. I even bumped my Adderall dose up another 20mg's to check the limits and it's still holding. It looks like it's important to take the Inderal at least 45 minutes prior to your Adderall to achieve the maximum effect. Sorry I kinda turned this into a trip report. I'd still be very interested to hear of others experience with Inderal.

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    I was able to duplicate the effect last night and again today using the same technique; Inderal 45 minutes prior to Adderall administration.

    Result is marked reduction in unwanted mental speedy effects such as paranoia, sweating, racing pounding heart, nervousness, and tremors. Some of you may enjoy these effects but I hate them, in particular paranoia. I am clearly still "speeding" after my dose, still heavily motivated to move, still have no need to eat, still can stay up all night, etc.

    One side effect of the Inderal that I find undesirable is that you may get winded more easily then usual. Like during my workout I noticed I was not able to do as many reps, etc. It also slightly upsets the stomach, and it causes a "depressurized" feeling in my head. These are very minor though and worth the benefit I get out of it.

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    how much mg's of the inderal?

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    Hey FYI... I usually never take any medications without doing an almost scientific under study of the effects and combination win more than one medication is involved. A 10 + year user of adderal recently was prescribed Inderol / Propanolol and came to understand that the enderal is inside of course a beta blocker which by Nature blocks production / uptake of Adrenalin - no worries it's not so strong that your fight or flight self preservation is eliminated . in times of extreme duress the body's adrenaline will kick in and provide the needed boost. Contrary though on the other side of the token adderal greatly taxes the adrenal glands. I have almost always had to take specific adrenal formula vitamins to help keep them rebuilt or else you get adderrall fatigue... That feeling of no matter how much rest you get and no matter how much Adderall you take you still feel like a slug for a few days often coming off of the adderal for 3 to 4 days rejuvenates and provides that newly administered feeling of alertness. That is nothing more than the adrenal glands have been taxed so far by the adderal that they're simply almost non productive and completely wiped out. They are very resilient and will come back each time but will do so much quicker and will actually maintain a much higher level if taking a specific adrenal vitamin product often sold at any GNC or other store.
    The Inderal however really reduces if not almost eliminates that adrenaline production formed by adderal leaving only dopamine and the other benefits. This is why the jittery nervousness that comes from amphetamines is almost completely eliminated with Inderall due to the fact that it's blocking all of that adrenaline noise which is an unfortunate side effect of Adderalls. This provides a very good counterbalance using Enderall..... Ask me and it should be on almost mandatory combination drug because it provides great protection for the heart and lowers the beats per minute which adderall greatly increases. My personal BPM was just adderall's was ranging around 110 to 120 and with adding inderall is now 77 to 80....BIG difference... So if you want the focusing effects of adderal without the coffee feeling and the potential continuous overproduction by the heart bolting on Inderal there's really no negative to it.....

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    This is a pretty old thread and we probably didn't need to resurrect it. It's a pretty simple thing. Drugs such as Inderal (Propanolol) and Clonidine (Catapres) are not really going to compete with the effects of the Amphetamine. These drugs are used to reduce blood pressure (Hypertension) among other things, so you can basically expect the drug to "take the edge off".

    I say, why not. It is probably not harmful in any way and it might even be healthy, given the propensity of stimulants to raise blood pressure.

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