Thread: Valerian root while on pain killers? Bad idea?

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    Valerian root while on pain killers? Bad idea? 
    I have trouble sleeping sometimes, and I usually nyquil myself to sleep, but if I'm taking vikes and stuff the APAP concerns me.

    Right now I'm on a steady diet of 250-400 mg of ultram a day, and was curious if taking Valerian root would be okay to sleep. It says not to use it with tranqs or sedatives.

    If it is alright I was curious if it could maybe even help potent the ultram, as I imagine it has the warning because I'd be taking more CNS depressant and could potentially stop breathing (likely with high doses of both drugs, but thats the case with all depressants I thought).

    I'm actually trying to taper down my ultram right now too, and I can't sleep usually a few nights when I quit (restless leg syndrome, as a withdrawl). So I think the Valerian root will help me a lot. Nyquil makes me groggy and want to get high as soon as I wake up, Valerian root avoids that.

    Thanks for any info =)
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    I thought Tramadol was slightly stimulating. I think you'll have much less problems with sedatives with a drug like Tramadol than with a classic opiate like Morphine. People commonly mix Benzos with Tramadol with no issue. Dose carefully though.
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    Valerian has no traction - it merely smells like unwashed feet and does practically nothing as a soporific .
    Tramadol, Vicodin, etc , are sure to jam sleep badly . Many surgical procedures later and if and when I would rather have a night's sleep rather than the discomfort of pain, the pain meds are over and done many hours before I hit the sheets.
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    IME you should have no issue with the recommended dose of valerian. If ur concerned, (as everyone reacts differently, tho I find valerian mostly placebo) perhaps take half the dose and see how you feel. Again I'm no medical professional but speaking from experience. Good luck!
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