Thread: can you inject tramadol IV?

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    can you inject tramadol IV? 
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    dumb question probably for someone who has been here this long, but there is nothing in the search engine , i checked.

    is it possible to prepare tramadol (straight, no APAP) pills for IV usage?

    i know, DONT SHOOT PILLS DONT SHOOT PILLS. but if im going to do it id rather have my hard reduced


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    its not worth it IMO

    tramadol IVed isnt much different than taking it orally

    yeah the onset is faster, but it never gave me a rush

    the times I used it intravenously it was from a sterile vial meant for that purpose

    im not sure about the solubility of tramadol hcl pills in water, maybe someone will chime in with more scientific details

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    not worth it.

    there's no rush and you'll only end up with a faster onset and shorter lasting experience.

    that's without even discussing the issues of actually IV'ing it. wouldn't even know what would be the safest method there.

    bottom line, you'll get more out of it taken orally....

    plugging may improve the high, although i'm not sure given that it really needs to be broken down in the liver and oral is gonna get there before anal.

    might be worth a try though...not something i'd ever considered as i tend to take tramadol in a day long sesh. ie i'll start with 200-300mg in the morning and just keep topping up till bed time. i always find this the best way...starts of very noddy, but by the end of the day/night after taking 1g or so it becomes quite mdma like for me. i get mdma jaw and find it quite rushy.

    think that's maybe just my weirdo'ness though.

    sorry, went of on a ramble there....bottom line. IV'ing is not worth it and will only serve to lesson the effects, in length at least. IME.

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    I've only seen it done once.... and it gave my buddy an abcess. He's been an IV user for a long time, and he popped it right with a clean spike and sterile solution.

    Not worth it.

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    i can not comprehend a situation where someone is so hard up to even consider this RA

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    Quote Originally Posted by hobhead View Post
    i can not comprehend a situation where someone is so hard up to even consider this RA
    Not trying to be rude or anything...this is for "hobhead"...if you "cannot comprehend a situation where someone is so "Hardup"??????????? Then you have absolutely no understanding of addiction. Alot of the people who read from, ask questions, and post replies on this site are ADDICTS...It is my understanding that we are supposed to promote harm reduction...not put people down. Depemdimg on an addicts state of mind at the time, your post about someone being "so hard up" may just cause a person to do something that is very damgeros to their body.....I was raised to believe that if you have nothing nice or helpful to say, you just should not say anything at all.....

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    Due to the SSNRI effects I would not even try it. This medication has no listed route for IV. The risk of complications from fillers out weighs the risks. It has a BA of 73% in females and 79% in males. Maybe try plugging it?


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    Is this fucking for real?

    Another bumped 2 year old thread about IV tramadol.

    Man. Lucky it's BDD.

    Please refrain from bumping old threads unless you have a very good reason.


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