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    Mushroom tolerance 
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    Hey guys, Ive read that with most psychs you should usually wait a week or 2 before dosing again, but ive heard of some people dosing mushrooms 1 day then dosing the same ammount a day or 2 later and only noticing a very slight increase in tolerance.'

    3 days ago I put 5 grams into a tea, now I still have 3.5 grams left and im wanting to dose them tonight, but I wonder if my tolerance would have dropped enough to experience a reasonable trip?

    Edit- I just remebered there was a small bit of tea left in the fridge, but it had frozen would this have effected it at all? Theres about 5 ice cubes worth of tea, with bits of mushroom in it.

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    You should be good. I've know some people who eat the stuff everyday w/ very little tolerance.
    Test 'em out to see what your tolerance is.
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    ive eaten mushrooms 3 days in a row with the strongest trip being the 3rd day.

    Hypothetically tolerance should build, but i think your 3.5g will work if you eat them.
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