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    lsd first time - dosage 
    tryin lsd for the first time tomorrow night, done a lot of research and everything should go fine as according to set and setting, gona be doin it with a close mate thats done it a few times and probs in a park close to home so there shouldnt be any kids lookin for trouble lol.

    gonna be doing a tab, not sure if i should do the whole thing or is it better to do half and maybe the other half a few hours later ? im just a bit worried about doin the whole thing at once, i dont want it to slap me right in the face lol. but ive also heard that if u do half it doesnt get you to the point where u need to be and ur better off doin the whole thing at once. ?

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    U know this stuff is gonna last a long ass time right?
    I'd say eat the whole thing if setting and whatnot is great w.o time restrictions, if there are any maybe a half.. depends how strong they are
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    to avoid disappointment id take 2.
    tabs are notoriously weak nowadays, but thats not to say yours will be.

    doses vary from source to source and depending on method of storage etc.

    but yes, a half will most likely do fuck all.
    2 to save disappointment.

    and in terms of redosing, if you do not redose within the hour after
    the first dose, then anything you take after this time will not increase the high or the intensity of the trip,
    but only prolong it.

    tolerance to lsd builds up extremely fast.
    you need to wait at LEAST a week between trips due to this.
    check out the mushrooms & lsd tolerance faq thread near the top of PD.

    also, lsd should have no taste, a bitter taste is often a sign of a DOx compound, however apparently
    ink can give a taste, but it is uncommon.
    DOx compounds tend to last 25-30+ hours, so if you're still tripping balls at the 24 hour mark,
    especially off 1 or 2, its most likely a DOx.

    remember, 2 to avoid disappointment.
    and do not smoke cannabis in the trip unless you are a regular toker
    and associate cannabis with relaxation and chillin out.
    cannabis during an lsd trip sends you to a whole new level of hyperspace.

    if you can, ask the source how strong they are.
    when taking the tabs, dont just eat them.
    keep them on your tongue, and suck on them for as long as possible
    against the roof of your mouth.
    get the most out of your doses this way in my experience.

    have fun, stay safe & happy tripping
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    haha thanks heaps sega!

    yeh i think 1 will do the job cos they are from a good reliable source.

    i will definately not be smoking cannabis because i have had some bad freak outs with smoking too much lol.

    and i probably wont be doin it for a few months if i do it again, so all good.

    thanks again.
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    by the way, fresh fruit juice and fresh fruit is amazingly delicious on acid.
    you're not just eating strawberries, you are munchin on the best dammed strawberries
    the universe has to offer,
    you can taste the overflowing juicy redness, you can feel the scent of the fruit permeating the air,
    fruit while tripping really is something else.

    i also advise having a FULLY charged up music playing device for the trip.
    music in nature is amazing also.

    anyways enjoy your trip, and let us all know how you got on in the form of a trip report,

    peace, brother
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    yeh ill let you know how it goes in probably 40 hours or so , in this thread.

    yeah i wanna bring my ipod, but then again if the music playing sounds depressing, it could alter your trip wouldnt it? so u would probably want to listen to some upbeat house music with not many vocals or psytrance or dubstep/drumnbass.

    yeah ill bring a lunchbox with some fresh fruit sounds good lol.

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    for sure eat the whole thing at once - redosing LSD is not as effective as taking one strong dose..
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    woah yeah i fully forgot to write back here lol.

    i didnt end up doin it coz my mate backed out but tomorow night goin to be trying shrooms.
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    if ur mate backs out, fuck it. do it anyways in the park or your room.
    flash red lights in your face and listen to death metal backwards, youll have a great trip
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