Thread: shooting up adipex?

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    shooting up adipex? 
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    Okay hey,
    I've been a iv user for like 2 yrs now, I'm just wondering if its possible and worth it to shoot up adipex (phentramine)


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    Why in gods name would you?

    Sounds like headache central.

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    phentermine is a strong norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, you may very well give yourself a heart attack.

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    I'm not sure this thread belongs in this forum, but I have a buddy that used to shoot it with oxycontin before going to his college classes to keep from nodding during class.
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    Before I knew better I shot phent a few times(when I was around 20-22). I also found out that when I would shoot 37.5mgs worth(or 1 pill) it would hold off WDs from heroin for a little bit. Or at least I thought it did. I wouldn`t do it now though. Way too much filler and crap.

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    Isn't Adipex a weight loss drug?

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    why dont you just get some actual amphetamines. shooting adipex just sounds like a terrible unproductive waste of a good vein. if your that desperate, go with something that wont destroy your heart so much like NoDoz. weight loss pills are just overall bad for you let alone to slam it, they put alot of strain on your heart and effect your bodies normal functions. just be smart and think.

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    adipex is not bad 
    hello, this is interesting topic and as with my experience i would like to tell all of you that adipex diet pills is an appetite suppressant. It affects certain neurotransmitters to decrease the appetite which is helpful in weight loss.
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    good info but no links to buying please ^ !

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    my g/f has recently received a script of adipex. I myself am a long term amphetamine user, she has used on occasion, but never for habit. I've noticed that since she has such a low tolerance, the adipex like rips her head I'll come home and find her going nuts in full cleaning mode....I've often wonderd about snorting them, but never about

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