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    Cannabis - A Lot of Experience- Doors of Perception 
    Red face
    What I will describe is not meant to scare people from using Cannabis. It is a report of an
    experience that occurred almost two weeks ago, on Halloween night of 2002.
    At approximately 4 PM, after a long day of school, my friend Jackie and I each consumed half a
    Cannabis cookie. We were waiting to do this for months. I had purchased a dime of the weed a
    week before, and after smoking small quantities of it, I decided to bake it. This cookie was made
    with Cannabis Sativa, which is known for affecting the thought processes rather than the over all
    body. Within an hour, effects were felt. Me and Jackie traveled to a middle-class neighborhood in
    NYC to hang out with some of her friends. We spent about an hour on the subway, feeling the
    effects, laughing a little, and getting to the heart of problems bothering us. The effects felt a little
    bit like MDMA, however, more subtle.
    Around 6 PM, we were in the cold, in front of Val’s house. Val told us that she had acquired
    some Silver Haze and wanted to smoke it with us. I was not very up with the prospect, but Jackie
    was. We met Val and walked through the area, eventually finding an empty driveway where we
    could smoke. Val, being the brilliant mind she is decided to roll a $20 worth of Silver Haze into
    one joint. She took the first few hits, and Jackie did as well. I took three hits total, and began
    feeling some body effects. This was clearly a strain which was not as pleasant and mild as the
    Sativa schwag I used to make the cookies. Val had about half the joint, and Jackie had about a
    third. Eventually, they were both so stoned that I had to take the roach from them and put it out.
    We quickly left this place and started walking to Val’s house. Val turned around to talk to some
    of her friends which she saw on the front porch of a house. Jackie became scared and told me that
    she wanted to walk elsewhere. At this point I thought that she was experiencing some random
    paranoia. But no, we were stupid children, thinking that smoking a lot of pot only makes you
    really stoned.
    Jackie informed me that she cannot walk. I was immediately certain that she had too much weed.
    We walked through the blocks as the effects built up. At first Jackie could walk fine, repeating to
    herself, “I can walk, I can walk, I can walk, I can walk, I’m walking, I’m walking, walking is
    good, so good, I am so good, I’m walking”. She did not seem to notice me there. I held her up
    with my arm. She stumbled greatly once in a while, talking nonstop. I am very familiar with the
    effects of freaking out, so I decided that if she keeps talking, she will not think about breathing,
    heart rate or needing water. I could see that her lips were drying out. We had approximately 1 cup
    of water with us, which was by total luck and my laziness to dump it in school.
    We reached a block in a Hasidic Jewish neighborhood. Jackie kept telling me that she was paper,
    she was a piece of paper, without any control over her body. I could feel that because she was
    shaking and experiencing involuntary muscle spasms. I knew that if she could only sit down or lie
    down in a warm, safe environment, this would get easier and she would fall asleep, and wake up
    feeling less high. She told me that she could not stop for a moment. We kept walking until she
    told me that she could walk no more. She started repeating things that I told her over a year ago.
    Thoughts came to her out of nowhere. Her emotions were changing every few seconds. I could
    see that she was stuck in thought loops, yet thanks to some stoke of luck, she was not yelling out
    in horror. She said that everything looked so beautiful (probably intense freeze-frame visuals). She
    told me that she was experiencing a great pain on her back, as if a bee was biting her. This is
    interesting, because in June of 2001, on my first acid trip, in the same exact area of the city, I
    became convinced by Jackie and Ella (a friend of hers who I knew would soon help us), that there
    was a been on my back, trying to kill me. Jackie would not believe me when I told her she was
    fine. She froze and told me that it had its stinger in her spine. I believe that the pressure on her
    spine from walking so much was great because of the hypersensitivity that her nerves were under.
    Every five minutes, she would make a deal with God, begging him to make the pain go away. “I’ll
    be a good girl. I’ll be a good girl. I’ll do anything you ask.”. She tried to convince me that she
    was not hearing voices, yet she seemed to take breaks from speaking and then come back and
    forget what she was saying. I was very scared, because she was so convinced that she would die.
    She kept bringing up things like brain damage and that she will never ever smoke pot again. I told
    her that she needed to experience this to understand that she doesn’t need pot to be happy. And
    then, she discovered her lungs. I guess that in her paper-like state of no control, she was not
    experiencing aphasia (inability to understand language), but she had no awareness of her heartbeat
    or breathing.
    She told me that her lungs were made of wood and she could not inhale. She was breathing
    normally and her heart-rate was a little above normal, but with the time dilation, I guess she didn’t
    know that she was alright. I could not convince her. All I could tell her was this, “Look into my
    eyes and listen to the sound of my voice. That is all you need. You are safe, you are fine, it will be
    over soon.” This did not make it better. At one point, Jackie said that her vision got red and she
    was sure that she would die. It was so cold and we were freezing. This added to her fear. Also, it
    was nearing 7 PM and her mother was calling her cell phone. We checked her cell phone and the
    shocking number of 12 calls alarmed me. I took it from her and started coming up with excuses,
    while convincing her that she will not die. She took on the mind set of a child, scaring me
    profusely. I did not notice the effects of the Cannabis on myself at all, because I was too
    concentrated on helping her. My high actually went away while I was focused on her. My
    shoulder began to hurt, because it was helping her walk.
    She asked for water. She drank more and more of it. With a fourth of the bottle left, I decided
    that I needed to conserve it. My lips were so chapped that I could almost taste blood. I knew that
    she needed the water more, so I gave it to her. Then she said that she is about to vomit. I did not
    believe her. People were passing us by. Jackie made up fake conversations every time they were
    near. I kept up with them because if I had told her anything to freak her out, she could start
    screaming and we could both get arrested. I thought that if she vomited, someone would call the
    cops and we would be screwed for the rest of our lives. She bent down and did it. So much came
    out. The cookie and the water. I was happy because I knew that the effects would begin to
    subside, yet knowing that she smoked so much, she could stay very high for about two hours, and
    the cookie which was semi digested would make the effects even stronger. She eventually
    vomited again and finished the water. After a few minutes of peace and feeling like she was fine,
    she began to go back into the paper like state. I could not believe it. The hold was very strong on
    her mind.
    It was after the first regurgitation that a miracle occurred. Right as she was vomiting, a cop came
    out of his home, and stood on his porch. She vomited a door away. I was scared shitless. He was
    in uniform and I could not tell her. I got her up and started walking away. I dragged her away,
    scaring her as well. If I had told her that a cop was there, I fear that she could have passed out.
    Toe cop watched her vomit, watched me run away with her, fearful of him. He did nothing. We
    had to stay on the same block because she was falling down. Kindness of strangers, eh.
    At about 8:30 PM, I brought her over to Ella’s house. We could not call any people for help
    because Jackie’s parents would check the phone calls log, know she had the phone the whole
    time, and realize that something was amiss. I practically dragged her to Ella’s, running for about 5
    blocks. Ella started yelling at us, but Jackie finally sat down. I knew that it would be better now.
    Jackie got some hot tea and after drinking it, and having a piece of candy, the chemicals in her
    brain began to balance out, and I relaxed. Ella was very pissed off and I kept carrying on a
    conversation so that Jackie would not get scared. When she began to speak normally and then
    spoke to her mother on the phone, saying that she left her cell at Val’s house, I knew that
    everything would be ok.
    Jackie still could not walk when I walked her over to Val’s. Val was more mean than Ella, and she
    was not high at all. Val’s tolerance was through the roof, so the effects of the weed wore off
    pretty quickly. Jackie had not smoked in months. I was just happy that I did not have a third of
    the reefer, as, I would probably have the same experience as Jackie, and would both fall down, in
    great fear for hours, getting arrested, and in endless trouble.
    We ended up staying up till 12 until Jackie’s mom picked us up. Jackie was still spacy, probably
    minimally stoned and super tired. I was just tired.
    What I learned this night is: 1) Never smoke too much. Take a hit or two, wait 10 minutes and
    repeat. It can be hard to control yourself when stoned, but you should not take the chance of this
    happening. 2) Smoke indoors whenever possible, don’t take the chance of freezing to death or
    getting caught by wandering cops. 3) Don’t mix weeds. Sativa and Indica, different strains have
    different effects. Don’t be caught with your britches in lala land.
    I have learned a great deal of things from reading other trip reports. I knew to distract Jackie from thinking about
    certain things and let her thoughts flow. I knew that eating and drinking would aid her in getting
    over this. Warmth and comfort also aid greatly. I’m just glad that Jackie did not scream, pass out,
    or do something stupid. I cannot imagine what she experienced, but it was the disastrous effects
    of THC and other cannabinoids storming her brain. I believe that Cannabis is a sacred plant, a gift
    from the divine, as our ancestors believed. I doubt that most users ever reach the level of a bad
    bad trip, yet it can scare one from using Cannabis again. I know that I will be taking a long break.
    Please, know when it is enough and be safe.

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    4) don't buy/smoke from unknown sources.

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    Oh yes! Thats is also very true.
    My friend is fine physically, but her pesonality took a bullet to the wrist, so its been slapping people around :/ Although, if this horrible experience did not occur, things wouldnt be so out in the open concerning friendships.

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    I am glad that your friend is ok. I have a question for you...
    before this began to happen, how were you feeling?

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    Took me a month to answer, I am truly sorry.
    Before Jackie bagan to freak out, I was feeling fine and non paranoid. I was looking forward to a nice evening of being stoned off the cookies. I didn't want us to smoke at all, but since the opportunity was there we did.
    I must say, looking at the conversation that was linked to by Mashead Testing in LSD-9th time, it reminds me of what Jackie was saying. She was definetly hallucinating wildly and she said that everhting looked beautiful but strange. She acted like a little hyperactive child. There is a definite similarity between a very strong trip oin acid and a very bad trip on cannabis- perhaps it has to do with hos the human body deals with stress.

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    well, this girl who smoked a littlemore thamn a third of it hadnt smoked in about 4 months, weighs 120, and totally was not prepared for this. It surprised me too, but the effects she had... it was very scary.

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    off subject- anyone read the Doors of Perception? Good fucking read..

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    Thank you for sharing this scary experience with us. Sorry you had such a bad time.. Better luck next time!

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    ooohhhh, my first time with weed was really freaky too, i vomited a bunch of times and was just lost in a horror "trip" of sorts (NOT a true trip, but still a loss of reality) but i definitely gave mj many more chances and she has never disappointed me. i think you should encourage your friend to keep trying at lower dosages, weed can be so beautiful!

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