Thread: 60 mg morphine vs 80 mg oxycontin or 40 mg opana

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    60 mg morphine vs 80 mg oxycontin or 40 mg opana 
    my buddy usually takes 2 80 mg oxycontin split in half orally through out the day or about 2-3 40 mg opana the same way. he just got a bunch of 60 mg morphine pills (little reddish w/ boxed M on one side 60 on the other) and was wondering if these morphines should be taken in the same amount or more or less than the oxys or opanas. he is taking these for pain relief not to get high or anything but knows morphine is different than the other two and was curious as what to take. he took half on one a few hours ago and still his back hurts. he already tried snoopin round the internet for answers and was unhappy with what he found. please help him.
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    60mg Morphine = 40mg Oxycodone for pain relief in my experience.

    These are MScontin if I remember right, so if I were him I try 200mg-240mg morphine throughout the day. Should prolly take them in halves too.
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    morphine is considerably less strong then opana and about 1.5 times less strong than oxy i think
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    Quote Originally Posted by phatass View Post
    morphine is considerably less strong then opana and about 1.5 times less strong than oxy i think
    as i remember i think it is 1mg oxy is about 1.5mg morphine. could be wrong tho
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    WHY would you take an opana orally? waste of oxymorphone
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    waste of drugs < waste of health ? eh
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    Quote Originally Posted by phatass View Post
    morphine is considerably less strong then opana and about 1.5 times less strong than oxy i think
    only orally.
    through the IV/IM routes, morphine is approximately 1.5-2x as potent.
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    As far as orally for pain Opana is supposed to be twice as potent compared to oxycontin and three times as potent compared to morphine. Theres an Opana conversion calculator on there website see below..

    So 80mg's of oxycontin is equal to 40mg's of Opana for pain. I dont think 60mg's of morphine is even relevant in this picture. I would just choose which he likes for whatever reason between the 80mg oxycontin and the 40mg opana.

    As far as for fun and euphoria, Opana absolutely blows both morphine and oxycontin away IMO. I think its at least 6 times as strong as oxycontin when snorted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LSDMDMA&8409319
    WHY would you take an opana orally? waste of oxymorphone
    I absolutely agree 100%.
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    learn somethin new everyday... 
    so my buddy swim needs to get the coating off to snort them, the opanas... how do you do that without them breaking up when he scrapes it off... the oxys scrape off very easy. he had heard good things about opana but it seemed when he chewed that the oxys worked better. glad to know cause hes gettin his prescription filled for 50 opana in a few days. this will make them stretch out much longer. its just when his back starts actin up at work its hard to find a private spot he can go prepare and snort a pill, ya know. thanks guys!
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    To scrape the Opana coating, if u wet it, u may waste a little bit of it due to the part that congeals when is in contact with water. Therefore, I have an exacto knife set, or u can use a razor blade, and gently scrape the coating of the Opana.

    I save it in a bowl, just in case, one day I want to eat it (even though oral opana is a waste, no other way for the shavings) and see if anything happens.
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    Orally taking 40mg's of Oxymorphone orally is equal to 80mg's of Oxycodone orally. Snorting oxymorphone is a way different story though. Without a tolerance, 40mg's could be very deadly.
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    use a hose perfect
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    Just get a razor or even a good knife and go around the pill scraping the coating off. Its never going to be perfect and a little of the drug will stick with the coating, which is why it isnt a bad idea to save the shavings. Make sure you scrape the coating off over the surface you will be using, such as a mirror, because some powder will fall off the pill with the shavings as you go. After the coating is off, seperate the shavings from any powder that fell. Along with the powder that came off, crush and grind the pill. And there you have it.

    Do not get the pill wet at all, if so you will have to let it fully dry(unless you want the powder smeared together and in globs), and the powder will not crush as finely after its been wet even if its fully dried.

    You have to be careful when railing opana though, it is very potent. Only experienced users should probably be using Opana. 15mg's is like railing an OC80 IMO.

    One thing to keep in mind and something that should really be thought about is whether you want to get a steep tolerance to Opana, because once you do, it will be very hard to get pain control using something else or moving back to something else. Once you are railing 40mg's of Opana its unrealistic to move back to oxycodone or much of anything.

    Good luck.
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    no swim man, its not like the feds have survellaince on this place for people who were waiting to type morphine and are gunna jump on their plane with an arrest warrant and guns drawn and come after you and shit, frankly the person who came up with swim should be locked away
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