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    Mom on Celexa 
    Well a few weeks ago my mom started suffering from what appears to be panic attacks every few days to a week. She feels dizzy and if she's out and about she can't/wont drive so she has to be picked up. At 1st we thought it was a mild heart attack or something but her heart is fine after medical evaluation and we're pretty sure its panic/anxiety/minor depression.

    I believe, as she does, that this is caused by a stressful lifestyle, b/c of owning a business and raising 3 kids but i believe primarily due to my dad, who can be a complete asshole sometimes.
    He means well but can be insurmountably stubborn and will argue stupid shit and make conflict if he's having a shitty day, which is quite often since he is unhappy w/ how his life is going and how he feels like hes always working or doing something for someone (his kids) rather than what he wants (dropped out of engineering in college for insurance career, now helps my mom with family business).

    1 week ago she started taking celexa as perscribed by her doctor. Since then she hasnt really improved, has been having insomnia and even had an "episode" in light of the medication.
    I know Celexa and other SSRI's might take a while to start working, but i dont think sticking with it is the right choice.

    She was also percribed lorazepam, which i think is appropriate if she uses it during very stress-intensive circumstances.

    I believe she should address the issues, which i plan to help with, by keeping our house/yard looking good so she doesnt become overwhelmed, and by going to therapy sessions or family therapy w/ my dad so they can patch up the marriage and learn new coping skills and communication skills in order to better handle the issues and minor conflicts that they so frequently get bent out of shape over. Also going to help motivate her to get into better shape; she's been doing cardio and light weights but i feel she needs more resistance to really notice improvements.

    She's also never been perscribed meds (except ambien for sleep, post-op pain, and thyroid and cholesterol supplements) and has led a happy life in light of negative circumstances such as poverty, scoliosis and separated parents.
    She doesnt know if meds/ssri's (which she doesnt know much about but follows doctors orders) are the right option, but today she said she probably wouldnt take them anymore because she barely slept last night.

    Should she stop the meds, or give them a shot for another 1-2 weeks? How about the ativan, keep it up?
    Should the doctor have even perscribed SSRI's under the circumstances?
    And does my approach, more based on treating the causes of her everyday stresses, seem appropriate? If not please offer alternatives. Any insight/input appreciated.

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    I was on celexa for about a year until tapering off of it very recently. If she is getting the insomnia side effect, it is best if she takes the dose in the morning, it will prevent that. Also, I found that it took about a month for it to appear to be working...I was taking it for anxiety and I think it did help me, although many people on here will shit on SSRIs. On Wellbutrin now because um, if your poor dad is an asshole now, after a few months with his wife on celexa, he will be ultra drive dies. Dead. Nothing. That's a big side effect to watch out for, which drs rarely mention to you when they put you on it. I think she should start taking the dose in the morning and keep dating it for a few more helped me.

    She should keep the ativan for as-needed use. From my experience, doctors are reluctant to script benzos unless you are trying an SSRI or other anti-depressant usually. If she feels a panic attack coming on, having ativan on hand might be a very good idea...because they feel extremely unpleasant. Hope this helps!

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