Thread: snorting black tar heroin dry?

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    snorting black tar heroin dry? 
    I don't mess with needles. I've tried water-lining with some mixed results, but today I'm actually experimenting with crushing black tar and snorting it dry. I find that I sometimes get a dryer tar reddish brown in color with black specs. It is more brittle in texture and i've found that i can actually break it up and snort it. It is hard however to get the tar to a powder like consistancy. At best I've managed to get it down to little pebbles. It seems to be working rather well although i have noticed chunks stuck in my nose which makes me think I wasting it by not getting it to a fine enough consistency. Any thoughts?

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    I have never used tar heroin, but have read here on bluelight from users of BTH that it clumps back up in the nose, even after drying it into a powder. The mexican powder will clump up into tar if expsosed to humidity, same as it will clump of when it comes in contact with moisture in your nose.

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    i hear there is a way you can mix it with another powder and some water, let it dry and then easily snort it. or you can mix it with water and stick it in a nasal spray bottle...

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    Damn it, so it's far more worse than brown sugar than I thought.

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    You might try putting it under a heat lamp (like the ones people use for reptiles and stuff) to get it as dry as you can make it, and then attempt to chop it. I mean, regardless, I would think that there's no way it would work as well as snorting powdered dope bc BTH is a bit less soluble in water (which is why cooking it for injection is necessary but isnt with powder). If you want the most efficient needle-less way to use it, though, the first thing that comes to mind is to smoke it.

    ~ vaya

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    A heat lamp will melt it. If you want to snort it I agree with punchednthenose, The misting affect of a nasal spray bottle will work well. If you have not tried chasing (smoking on foil) I would reccomment it. Alot of folks will tell you its a wast but it was my prefered ROA for over a year and I got high as fudge.

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    Re: APAP...sorry wrong thread...FOR Cmc1

    You MAY be able to handle 6000, but most likely you will get sick(not deathly ill, although it has happened to others at that dose, and liver failure is the most painful, or one of the most painful forms of death one can experience)...

    You will be fine on anything up to 4000, but you shouldn't hit that mark more than once or twice per week. 2000 a day is tolerable for the body, but anything higher and your liver WILL suffer, if you make it a habit, of course.

    Too bad you got the 750's...although if your tolerance is low, 4 of those should have you on your ass. Best of luck!

    If you do take them all, studies have shown that taking one massive dose of APAP is preferable to smaller(say 2000 a pop) ones throughout the day. I guess the liver can handle a deluge every now and then...but if you stab at it like pest, so to say, it gives up

    Re: Black Tar

    I came across the "powderized" version of tar one time, and I wasn't impressed. Smoking is probably the better play..with that being said, the stuff I had could have simply been bad ish, and it doesn't hurt(well, not always!) to try everything once.

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    i have no exsperience with tar heroin, but you could try plugging instead if you dont like needles, it should work allmost as good as when iv'ed, i have never tried tho

    was just a thought

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    all you need is an empty pill bottle, two quarters, and powder cut, oc is the best however when those are gone vitamin c chewable tablets are easy on the nose.
    put about half powder to your piece of tar, quarters and shake vigorously for about 1 minute or until you have powder. the tar burns like hell going up so i wouldn't recommend doing a huge rail.
    have fun

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    joeP's idea sounds like the best way to possibly get powder. I just tried powderizing tar last week and it did not work so well. Could not get past the small little clumps of tar stage. So i just dripped a liquid solution into my nose and got off real well. Also plugged some, but plugging is easier to take too much than nasally. Mixing with water and getting it in your nose is not so bad besides the vinegar smell.

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    Honestly your best bet is to put about .05 gram in a spoon with about 2 drops of water, mix it up till its all desolved, add heat if u want but it is not necessary. Put the end of the spoon in your nose, tilt your head up and let it drip in your nose then tilt back down and lightly snort. You should feel a burn if you do it right and it alwayys works for me but it took a while to get the hang of it. DO NOT LET IT GO TO YOUR THROAT keep it in your nose tge best you can. This is my prefered method as i hate needles and fail at smoking. Good luck!

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    This thread is like 7 years old

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