Thread: How do you dissolve a pill?

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    How do you dissolve a pill? 
    SO, I am sure this is out there somewhere, but i am not finding any concrete answers.. How do you actually dissolve an e pill to swallow it? I do NOT mean dissolving it under your tongue. But in a cup to drink. What liquid do you dissolve it with and do you wait until it's completely dissolved? Does it lose the effect by dissolving it?

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    Some of the binders in the pill probably wont dissolve. I'm sure someone else could give you a better explanation, but that's just my educated guess.
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    i would use orange juice
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    OJ is probably a bit too acidic. If you must do so, use water.
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    So, do I just pop the whole pill in a glass of water? or do I crush it up a bit and then mix it into the water until it dissolves?
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    I cruysh it between two spoons and then pop it in half a cup of coke and stir. It should fizz a bit. Then drink it freddy and put some more liquid in and swil it and skul.

    I use coke to mask the tatse a bit.

    Always works fine.
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    Like Mazdan I crush the pill first.
    I crush them in a glass using the handle end of a knife.
    If you have a mortar and pestle that would be even better.
    Dissolve in water and plug.
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