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    drugs you can make at home 
    in theory what kind of drugs can you make at home that cant blow up and/or burn your house down

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    well there is no synthesis questions here but thats not quite what u asked

    u could make meth

    u could grow weed

    grow mushrooms

    grow all sorts of stuff

    u could 'brush up' on alil chemestry n take a stab @ LSD

    u could extract DMT

    u could make hash

    u could buy some coke n 'rock it up'

    u could buy some heroin n mix it w/ tylenol PM n "make" cheese

    u could do all sorts of stuff

    Welcome to BL


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    No synth discussion; we can't instruct you how to make drugs.

    Extracting from plant material is a different story; and there are already threads in existence on this. We aren't going to help you do this, it's up to you.

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