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    Suboxone & Fentanyl 
    I would want some clarity if Suboxone blocks Fentanyl, or if you can get high of Fent. while on Sub?

    Like Tramadol and Suboxone, you can get high of Tramadol while on Sub.


    EDIT: Think I got my answer, Suboxone does block Fentanyl.
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    yes subs block every opiate apart from tramadol as far as i know....
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    However, if you get into an accident that requires opioid administration while on Suboxone than Fentanyl is what they give you. I asked my doctor this question awhile back and that was his answer. He also gave me a Suboxone card so that in case of a severe accident they would know that I take it. It says the Fentanyl administration on the back of the card as well. When the worse of pain is over, your Suboxone dose is raised for a period of time then brought back down. This being all hearsay from my Buprenorphine doc.
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    ^ That's good to know, thanks.
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    How long after sucking on a patch till I can take my suboxone dose again and not go into periciated wd?
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