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Thread: Wisdom Teeth Extraction and Buprenorphine

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    Wisdom Teeth Extraction and Buprenorphine 
    So I am getting my wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday at 8 am. I am currently taking about 1 mg of suboxone daily. Should I not take my dose of sub on wednesday before I go in? I am probably going to be put under but if not I will be awake and just sedated on gas and numbed up with shots. What do you guys think? Should I take my sub before I go in or should I not.
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    It wont matter during the process, because they don't use any opioids during the extraction. Only lidocain, or an equivelant "caine". Most likely you will be prescribed a small amount of hydrocodone or codeine for the days after, which will not do much unless you are willing to not use your bupe for 2 or 3 days. It will help with any pain/soreness from the extraction.. but you're going to be in discomfort from not having bupe for a few days.

    I'd stay on your Suboxone. I find Ibuprofen to be very good with pain from oral surgery. (I'm on bupe and have had this problem before) Your mouth should only be sore for for a few days after, and the discomfort is usually minimal.
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    I might die from medication but i sure killed all the pain
    I would stop the sub 72 hours before the procedure. Getting your wisdom teeth out fucking hurts you WILL need opiates during but especially after the procedure. I also wouldnt say shit about being an opiate addict as they might screw you on Neccesary pain pills
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    Yeah I am kinda worried about it especially because 2 of them are impacted and my buddy who also had impacted wisdom teeth told me it hurt like a bitch for a few days afterwards. But im probably just going to take my dose of sub tomorrow and then not take any on wednesday. I really don't feel like going in to have the procedure while in full withdrawal. I will probably just continue to use to sub after I get em out and just save whatever pain meds they give me.
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    Have you thought about talking with your treating doctor / dentist?
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    let the anesthesiologist know before he sedates you, couldnt hurt imo
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    i would wait after the surgery is finished... but this is a question you should pose to the surgeon;;;
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    #1 Don't worry, the procedure won't hurt. Your put under Midazolam and Lidocaine. You won't remember a thing and when you first wake up the pain isn't bad. Its not until you get home when the pain kicks in and that does hurt. I was given a script of Vicoprofen 7.5/200mg which completely killed the pain when I took a few of them.

    #2 Your not administered an opioid when your put under but its still a good idea to call your dentist first about your situation. Don't mess around with your doses on your own. Your doctor may up your dose for a period of time more than likely.
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    I mean c'mon....any answer other then "talk to your doctor and tell him what you are taking and follow his instructions" is absolutely absurd.

    In all likelihood you will be fine taking your suboxone, but why would you even consider not telling your doc.
    Yes... if everything goes well in the procedure, then the suboxone will not be an issue, but anything can happen in any medical procedure.
    Example: I have a friend who while having his wisdom teeth removed, had his jaw broken during the procedure. They instantly had to administer opioids to address the intense pain which resulted. Now dont you think the dentist would need to know that you were on suboxone if something like this happened.

    So again, the only answer here is to tell your dentist what you are on so that he is equipped with all pertinent information which will allow him to deal with all aspects of the procedure including COMPLICATIONS.-DG
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