Thread: How much is too much clonazepam to take to create an overdose?

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    How much is too much clonazepam to take to create an overdose? 
    How much clonazepam is it safe to take at one time?
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    how is your benzo tolerance? have you taken this drug before? are you planning to take it alone or with something else?
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    First, what do you mean by overdose? Do you mean a fatal overdose?

    If you mean a fatal overdose, then the truth is that it is very very hard to fatally overdose on benzos UNLESS YOU MIX IT WITH OTHER DRUGS OR ALCOHOL.

    So, if you are taking the clonazepam on its own, it is extremely unlikely that you would have a fatal overdose (though you can put yourself in danger by the stupid things you might do while under the influence).
    However, if you are mixing it with alcohol or other drugs, a fatal overdose is quite possible. So...what is your exact situation?-DG
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    This Q hs allredy been sked and answered... chek my answer on
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    Without the combination of another drug it would be very hard to have a fatal overdose. An entire months script in one setting would more than likely not cause an overdose. Not suggesting that anyone try.
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    ^ Good info as always.

    Should be noted if you add a couple drinks of alcohol or a couple opiates it could be fatal.
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    When taken under the tongue it comes up pretty quickly, so I'd recommend starting low and working your way up. Not so much because it's dangerous to take a lot, but it would be a waste to take too mcuh; you'll just fall asleep.
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    Believe it or not, during the end of my clonazepam addiction, where my tollerance was sky high, I used to take 40 to 60 mg IV at once to receive any satisfaction, did even 80 mg, then decided to put and end to this madness.

    It is nearly impossible to overdose on benzodiazepines only, we would be skeaking of grams probably.
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    for non tolerant person 2-3mg, beer and you may end up pissing on tv in front of your family or sleeping in corridor of your house ;p
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    very true.

    just because you wont die doesn't mean you won't black out and get yourself killed, or black out and end up arrested/without friends/ god knows what.
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    I'm prescribed benzos. in an ignorant state of mind with low tolorence i ate nearly 30 mg in minutes with straight whisky. im perscribed 60 a month. after the first thirty it was complete blk out . apparently i finished the rest 10 at a time in the blk out. it suppose to take 10mg to od . my good friend is severe herion addict and won't eat more than 20 spaced through out the day. so is it the logic benzos are able to induce an od but not to a point of death ?
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