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    sleep aid dose for liquid rivotril? 
    If one wants to take clonazepam (generic is called Klonopin, original trade name is Rivotril) as a sleep inducer what is the range of doses (minumum to maximum) for an adult male of no9rmal middle age slightly fat weight who hasn't used it for several years?

    The official info doesn't make sense. Prescription sites say that the bottle of liquid (I DON'T have pills) is 1 ml that contains 2.5 mg of the drug. Yet the suggested dosage for epilepsy (its primary use, in addition to anti-anxiety) is 3-6 mgs a day. That doesn't make sense - that would mean a patient taking at least a bottle a day.

    I can't find any accurate medically neutral information from the manufacturer's page. I feel like I am deliberately being kept in the dark. I think it's incredibly stupid, because without knowledge people can overdose or have health problems.

    I haven't used anything like hypnotics for several years. I am using this in Cambodia only because the courier of my safe and simple kava hasn't contacted me eve though I know he is in Phnom Penh. I really prefer to use nature's plants but here I am unable to sleep due to anxiety. Years ago I used oxycodeine, Halcion and a whole galaxy of pills. I've been clean for 4 years. This is a stop-gap measure.

    I overused it before, getting high (low?) and having wonderful dreams. But all of these drugs have the downside of grogginess in the a.m. and needing like 9-12 hours sleep. They also have significant dependency and tolerance issues.

    short story: What's the dosage?
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    It is 2.5mg per ml. How many ml is the bottle? By your logic it is 1ml, which is impossible. You're getting confused somehow.

    This may help

    1ml = 1cc
    1000ml/cc = 1 Litre

    So, for example if it is a 100ml bottle, (or you could call is a 100cc bottle) there is 250mg in total in the bottle.

    All I can say is start low. Perhaps start with 1ml, which is 2.5mg, then either go up or down from there. I would hazard a guess at 2.5 - 5mg (1 or 2 ml) working well for you.
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    Hi, I have liquid clonazepam Roche bottles, and I think you're wrong somewhere, or have some injectable ampoules and not the liquid oral bottle, because I can assure you that the oral bottle is 20ml, and 500 drops of 0.1mg each (indeed 2.5mg/ml, which equals 50mg/bottle).
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    ^^what he said
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    It's "2,5 mg/ML ... 20 mg soloution bouvable" exact quote 
    Thanks or your quick input. I am not a scientist with exact measuring devices. I am simply a consumer who likes to keep things simple and safe.

    This bottle of liquid Rivotril reads "Clonazepam 2,5 mg.mL" and below that "20 ml solution bouvable" . The instructions are 80% useless to me as they are in French. Even they are useless as as far as I can tell they read something like 'take what the doctor advises'!

    The challenge is one can't feel the drops below the tongue and thus one doesn't know if one has actually gotten anything. Also, the drops don't come out of the bottle easily. So, I have taken the advice of the manufacturer - dropping them into a spoon. One can add H20 or juice (I don't see the point, I can tolerate the fake peach flavour)

    I tried 2 drops last night and there was hardly any effect. I even took them before food. Supposedly one can take them with or without a full stomach. But common sense suggests otherwise. My experience years ago was with the tablets.

    BTW, for those readers who might be considering Cambodia - it is no longer a free market paradise. Even legitimate Indian copies of pharmeceuticals and certainly grey market EU and Anglo nation drugs are a lot harder to find than 15 years ago. Also, cannabis is technically illegal (though good value and largely tolerated if discreet.)

    What dose have members of this forum using liquid clonazepam found effective as a sleep aid?
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    After ten times 
    I'd say a dose of one drop does the job (reducing thinking-thinking-thinking that prevents sleep). Two gives me very happy dreams (a couple of times laughing in a dream I actually awake - not really a good thing when I want to sleep!) I see no need to try three. The challenge is dosing one drop. Often one drop follows the first.
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    Do you have a glass dropper without measurements on it? I'm kinda confused how you decided how much drug each drop has. The dropper that was included with my medication clearly showed a 1ml measurement.

    I used to have alprazolam in liquid form. It came in small 20ml bottles and on the bottles it clearly states that per every 1ml you get 1mg of alprazolam. No confusion. In the entire bottle there was 20mg of xanax. Now, xanax and clonazepam have almost identical dosing. The whole dropper was 1mg and I usually took half or one dropper. You have to look on the dropper, if it has a line and next to that line there is 1ml written on it that means the whole dropper is 2.5mg of clonazepam. Or if there is no line on the dropper get a measurement syringe from the pharmacy and measure out 1ml and in that 1ml there will be 2.5 mg of clonazepam. Doses for clonazepam are similar to xanax as I said so take 1/5 of the syringe if you want 0.5mg of clonazepam. It easy to dose of you can somehow measure out 1ml and divide it into parts.

    Usual doses of clonazepam are 0.5mg to 2mg. I personally don't feel anything below 2mg.
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    ^ There isn't any dropper. You put the bottle upside down and the drops come slowly one after another. I'd say each two seconds.

    As for the dose, everybody is different. If you have absolutely no benzo tolerance, 3 to 5 drops will get you quickly into dreamland. 1mg (ten drops) and you're heavily sedated. Again, that's if you have no tolerance to benzos.
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    I got prescribed for sleeping 5 drops of rivotril and 1 pill of Halcion (triazolam)
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