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    oxycodone imprint 224 
    I recently got my oxycodone 30's filled and i got a brand called caraco which i have never gotten before. these things are alot bigger than most 30's and their speckled. the front says 224 and the back is scored. they seem to work pretty good and just wanted to see what other people think about them. is it just me or does it seem like all oxycodone brand's are getting weaker?

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    No, the XR mechanism is getting better.

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    his are ir though, prolly just a mental thing, and even the er's are just started to be made in generic again, the brand names haven't changed in years even though they are working on it, damn fda pushiness

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    The watson percocet 7.5 s are way smaller than the endocet...

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    i just got them for the first time, but i IV my pills, its the first pill i've come across that gels up like it does, i'm not a fan

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    I have iv these pills many times and never even had them gel up the slightest so idk if ur doing something wring hut I don't like them as much as the smaller ones bc they have mire filler

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    i plug em, done the 224's a couple times, never gelled once.

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    What does "plug them" mean? I only take my meds orally and as prescribed. I have never taken this brand (224) and they are larger then all the others I have been prescribed over the past 3 years. I know people have theories about some generic brands being inferior as far as pain relief goes. Does anyone know about this particular brand when taken orally and if I can expect to get less than normal pain relief? If so, is there as way to get the doctor and/or pharmacy to switch them to a different brand and still be covered by my insurance?

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    they are just like the costco version of roxis

    plug means dissolve in an oral syringe and squirt up your ass

    id just take them orally, too much powder to snort

    224s are the worst

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    No brand discussion please. No questions about medical law/procedures as these things vary greatly between insurance companies, locations, and doctors so it's unlikely to get an accurate response.

    Closed. Please take several minutes to read the guidelines found in my signature and private message me if you have questions or need anything.

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