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    Trichocereus bridgesii 
    In your personal experience is the San Pedro or Trichocereus bridgesii better? Also do u recommencement eating the cactus or str8 up or cooking it. Many people side with eating it claiming that natives would not boil it down rather eat the pulp and make some sort of powder from the skin, yet others tell me to boil it and such. Which do u recommend? Personally i would like to just eat it in fear of error on my part whilst cocking the cacti also i don't think i have a place to do this.
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    I don't know much about preparation, nor have I taken San Pedro before. All I can tell you is that Bridgesii is da bomb.
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    i recommend putting it in capsules.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kurin View Post
    i recommend putting it in capsules.
    overall, drinking a tea is the fastest and easiest, but it tastes like shit.
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    Bridgessii is deffinatley the choice you should make. There are extra alkaloids in Bridgessii that are not in pedro and cause brighter visuals. I prefer to chop it into small pieces and boil down for about 4 hours. Then you strain into a TEA that will rock your socks off!!!!!!
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    I've had the best luck with Bridgessii and Peruvians, not to say I haven't come across a particularly potent Pachanoi on occasion.

    Think I got my TEK down pat for 14" of live cactus (if the last result is anything to go by)

    1. De-spine
    2. Remove the thinnest amount of outer waxy layer (I use a carrot peeler)
    3. De-core if desired, cut into chunks otherwise
    4. Put remaining cactus material in the blender until it is frothy and without chunks

    After step 4, Use only Pyrex containers

    5. Add 5x volume distilled water and the juice from 1/2 a lemon to cactus froth and combine in slow cooker.
    6. Allow to simmer over low heat for about 6 hours until about 1/2 the water evaporates off
    7. This is the tricky part. Having the goo mixed with water for a long period of time makes separating out the sludge a bit difficult. I use 3 layers of cheesecloth with 2 layers of fine bait netting underneath.
    8. Collect the liquid and discard the mush; though be certain to get out all the liquid you possibly can before disposing of it.
    9. Place liquid in Pyrex bowl and simmer lightly to reduce overall quantity of liquid to your needs.

    Be forewarned that there will be a very peculiar smell during the process and the resulting liquid may be the Most foul thing to ever come in contact with a human tongue. Soaking dishes immediately greatly aids cleaning up as well
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    to bad yesterday bouncing bear botanical s was raided yesterday and the man operating it is being charged.
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    It all depends on the strain, some pachanoi is better than bridgesii, and vice versa.
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