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    Effects list of K2 Summit 
    K2 is not being sold anymore. Most likely if K2 is being sold near you, it is a copy cat made in america consisting of different ingredients than the original.

    PLEASE NOTE- There has been some people that have gotten sick (not sure how sick) from smoking this. Therefore I recommend staying away from this.

    1st of all I want to tell you that the high I get from K2 summit is more intense than cannabis. I also want to tell you that intense doesnt mean more fun. I purchased my K2 straight from a smoke shop, not from friends so there isnt a chance of It being laced. The effects get weaker after a few uses. (I stopped smoking after a few grams) I would advise you to not use K2, or any smoking blends for that matter. 1 time probably won't harm you, but my advice is to keep away from it.

    "What is K2?"
    -Im sure you have probably heard of it. It is an insense/smoking blend that you can buy in packs of 3gs at head shops that gives you a "cannabis" like high. Yes its legal! At least for now it is.

    "Are there different kinds of K2?"
    -There are 4 different kinds of K2, Standard, Citron, Blonde, and Summit. Summit is a bit more expensive but is the most potent of the 4, then Blonde, then Citron, then Standard. For me the Summit has the smoothest smoke of all 4. K2 smoke is harsher than weed smoke.

    "On the pack it just has a list of flowers and shit and it says not for human consumption."
    -It is almost certain that the active ingrediant is a synthetic cannabinoid, JWH-018, which would not be listed on the package for the same reason the "not for human consumption" label is there, to keep it legal.

    "Is it safe?"
    -There has been reports of a very small amount of users being hospitalized. The long term side effects are still unknown. Like any RC, it is your choice to take the risk of consuming it.

    "What does it taste like?"
    -I would prefer the taste of cannabis everyday to nasty tasting standard and citron. Blonde is a tolerable taste though, and summit actually has a pretty intresting taste to it.

    I thought I would list all of the things that I have experienced on K2 and why it can be overwhelming in a good or bad way.

    Note: An overdose of marijuana (I know theres no lethal OD, just more than you wanted/needed) is more like your too stoned to think and it's still sometimes fun. Overdoses of K2 can be very unpleasent. But when you smoke just the right amount of K2, it can be just as enjoyable as weed.

    Positive Effects-
    -Strong euphoria
    -Laughter (uncontrollable some times)
    -Increased appreciation towards music
    -Brightening of colors
    -Some mild pain relief
    -No fatigue experienced (went mountain biking up steep hills for about an hour with out stopping and I experienced no muscle fatigue whatsoever)
    -Decrease in boredom
    -Strong aural hallucinations (HIGH doses)
    -Strong open eye hallucinations (not like LSD visuals. More like a whole place becomes some place else for a few seconds (less trippy, more life-like))(HIGH doses)
    -Mild CEVs (more of an increase in imagination)
    -No noticible hangover
    -Amplifies effects of other drugs
    -Strong feelings of hallucinations (dont know how else to describe this, see bottom)(HIGH doses)
    -Increase in relaxation
    -Powerfull rushing sensation
    -Shorter duration than cannabis but still not too short (1 hour to 1 1/2 hours)
    -With high doses, the simplest tasks can seem very intense (intense as in it feels like there should be loud epic music to whatever your doing)

    Neutral Effects-
    -Dry mouth
    -Bloodshot eyes
    -Dilated pupils
    -Extreme increase in appetite and appreciation for food (munchies, more than cannabis gives me.)
    -Altered time sense
    -Time dilation
    -Racing thoughts and increase in creative thinking (high doses)

    Negative Effects-
    -Strong dysphoria
    -Panic attacks
    -Heavy body load
    -Extreme nausea (never ended in puking for me and my stomach isn't that strong)
    -Strong feelings of hallucinations (dont know how else to describe this, see bottom)(HIGH doses)
    -Fear, Panic, Anxiety
    -Strong aural hallucinations(HIGH doses)
    -Strong open eye hallucinations (not like LSD visuals. More like a whole place becomes some place else for a few seconds (less trippy, more life-like))(HIGH doses)
    -Racing heart (higher doses)
    -Increased blood pressure (I have no way to tell for sure, but i am 95% positive about this)
    -Loss of feeling (numbness)

    *I found that most of the effects get significantly weaker after a few uses. As in the first few times you smoke it, It can be very intense. And you will lose a lot of the positive, and hallucination effects after a few uses, and start to get more negative side affects.*

    I have never had any negative effects when I smoke with somebody, only positive and neutral. HOWEVER, when I smoke alone, which I do with marijuana all the time and have no problem, I almost always have a bad trip off of this stuff.

    The feelings of hallucinations is the thing that makes k2 very odd for me. I have only felt this in good ways a couple times. What I mean by feelings, is that you can feel what you want on this. Like there was a time where I thought of a waterfall and then I could feel the water beating down heavily on my entire body. Things like that.

    -Trips- All of this is 100% true.

    Good trip I had- Laying on my bed alone after 2 bowls, sat up and actually felt as if I was flying through the sky 500mph. (wind on my face, eyes felt as if they were watering, felt as if I HAD wings and could control them) This was accompinied by my room looking like the clouds in the sky all around me and the noise of 100s of birds chirrping. Then it felt as if i became weightless and was on one of those rides at six flags. (Superman in six flags over texas) Then
    I stared at my wall which then reminded me of a train that passed by me which made me feel a very powerful rushing sensation throughout my whole body. Come down was nice and my high got tuned down to a cannabis like high.

    Extremely bad trip- Took 5 monster hits out of a large bong. Felt effects almost immediately. I put my bong up and had to lay down on my bathroom floor because it felt like I would gain 100lbs every 10-15 seconds, like iI as being hit in waves of an extreme body load. This happened for about 2 mins, then I become extrememly nauseus because it felt as if there were about 6 tons sitting on my stomach. I layed here untill the nausea started to go away. After about 15 mins, I was still awake and did not throw up,I heard footsteps from about 10 people, dogs barking, and people talking and yelling. I look back behind my and the walls of my bathroom look as if they were shredded away and then turned into a long street with dogs and people chasing me. This all happened in about a matter of seconds but after it went away, id see and hear the same thing again about 10 seconds later. This freaked me out so I crawled into my shower and sat on the floor and it felt like I was sitting in a cave that was in the wall of my shower. I tryed to hurry to lay down on my bed and once I did I felt like I kept getting flung into the sky with a slingshot. Then the scary stuff started happening. I started to feel a whole bunch of stuff at once. I felt like i was chewing on my eyes, sticking my arms down my throat and stuff like that. It is extrememly frightening because it feels so real. Then, my heart started racing, then it felt like a tree stump went straight into my skull from under my neck and then my whole head went numb. I would sit up and then squeeze my head and it felt like there were spots on my head that had too much blood flow. When I squeezed it, it felt like blood would rush from my head into the rest of my body and then there were times when parts of my mouth just completely lost feeling. This kept happening untill I came down.

    -Bad and Good trips-
    If you wanna have a good trip, then I would recommend smoking with somebody else. I noticed that the hallucinations would not return if i tryed to focus my atention elsewhere, but the second I thought about them again, I would be able to see, feel, and hear them again. When I am with people, I'm too focused with them to notice any hallucinations and things like that. Also, a few good hits will get you stoned with mostly poitive effects, and a few more hits will get you even more stoned, but with mostly negative effects and hallucinations.

    -These are the effects that my friends and I all have experienced on K2 Summit-
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    strong open eye hallucinations? I think it would probably be a stretch to call those hallucinations at all, just fleeting thoughts that your high mind starts to wander with.

    sounds to me like a panic attack from a high dose of synthetic cannabinoid.

    and doubtlessly that's whats in this k2 summit stuff
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    Thanks for telling us and the report, I very much doubt though that there is anything to add by anyone besides that it most likely contains a synthetic cannabinoid (it has its own thread) until there has been actual analysis on it.
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    When a whole room changes to what you want it to be and you hear just about anything, I consider that to be a pretty strong hallucination. Like i said, there not like trippy Acid and shroom visuals, there more like things you see in real life. And yes, I do know I was having a panic attack the time I had a bad trip off it.
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    It definitely sounds like JWH-018 from what I can tell...
    intense stuff for sure.

    Still havent crossed into plus 3 territory with my JWH-018
    but I guess stories about ´the fear´ put me off...
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    'The fear' I get from it is the only reason I prefer cannabis to it. Besides the not well-known side effects issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ROBOtussin View Post
    Besides the not well-known side effects issues.
    If there are sideeffects which, as you say, are not well known, maybe you could elaborate? Unless you meant well known?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAzo View Post
    If there are sideeffects which, as you say, are not well known, maybe you could elaborate? Unless you meant well known?
    I assume he meant the possibility of long term side effects that are unknown as of yet (if they exist at all)
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    Thumbs up
    Not to be a hijack so forgive me right off the bat if this sounds like it.
    Brother ROBOtussin

    I was searching the net for Side effects of this summit and ran across your thread... some good reads and some very good gut wrenching laughs.
    Thus the reason I joined.... I am an ole gezzer that still calls an oz a "Lid"
    I know all I need to know about the net so my lips don`t sink ships...

    Now back to the thread... yes Sir I do believe you wrote a good honest review of this product!
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    Betcha he won't tell us what is in it...

    I hate this smoking blend crap.
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    IME smoke blends either have synthetic cannabinoids or are ineffective.
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    Smoke blends are, IMHO, just another weird and unfortunate result of prohibition. Either they are nothing but a bunch of common herbs with well-understood effects that do not at all resemble cannabis, or they are just irresponsibly distributing RCs unlabeled and at unmeasured doses. Combining a bunch of random herbs with who knows what random unlabeled RCs does not seem like a good recipe for producing a worthwhile end product. I'd much rather smoke the real thing, or take a measured dose of a known JWH- compound and/or whatever other active herbs I would like to imbibe, rather than trust the 'special blend' of whoever's trying to sell me overpriced pouches of shredded blue lily or dagga or whatever the hell they put in those blends these days. I'm not sure which side of this particular industry has the moral high ground between the ones selling inactive crap at outrageous prices to gullible teens who can't find weed and the ones selling people 'mystery RCs' in smoke blend form like some sketchy street dealer hawking 2C-*s as "legal acid".

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    LOL when I saw the title I thought you were gonna talk about getting high from climbing a mountain.
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    ^me too
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    Drugs in the Media
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    "Darkness cannot be dissipated with more darkness. More darkness will make darkness thicker. Only light can dissipate darkness. Violence and hatred cannot be removed with violence and hatred." - Thich Nhat Hanh
    Great report!
    I enjoy K2 very much. Please read my own report here, if you haven't already:

    I haven't experienced most of the bad effects that you listed, and I haven't had the full-on open-eye hallucinations either. I have smoked (vaporized, actually) too much to be in my comfort zone, but I still had a great experience. Mostly, I just feel wonderful.

    I usually take 1-2 vapes, which is enough for me.
    I have smoked K2 more than 50 times now. Only Summit and Blonde.
    I have only smoked alone.
    I have never had anything like a bad experience.

    Maybe you would enjoy it more when smoking alone if you only took a hit or two?

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.
    We need more collective knowledge about these substances.
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    I definately enjoy it more with low doses, high doses only result in more unpleasant feeling :/

    The hallucinations arent really something you want from k2 as they are unlike hallucinations from lsd/shrooms/ and even salvia. (not saying that there stronger, they are "different")
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    this stuff is horseshit
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    I think it's a reeeaally bad idea to allow this kind of thread about "smoking blends". Why? Because we don't know what we're talking about. We don't know (for sure) what's in it, and the company could potentially change those contents without our knowledge. Therefore even "accurate" information is highly suspect.

    Far better to only discuss the effects of the pure synthetics (and our own blends). If you find out what's in K2, you can simply discuss the synthetic that's in it.
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    Oh yeah! Great idea listening your right! lets take all the threads about things RCs can be in off the internet so people can go out and buy RCs with no knowledge of them whatsoever and OD and kill themselves! Fuckin genius man!

    This thread kinda works for more than K2. It pretty much works for any smoking blend that has jwh-018 in it which are the only blends really worth mentioning.
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    IME smoke blends either have synthetic cannabinoids or are ineffective.
    im my opinion your just like every other druggie on the internet who orders shit online

    you gotta make your own smoking blends and have fresh ingreidents...

    its not cannabis... but mad-dog scull-cap and pedicularis freshly picked and cured in a jar will get you pretty damn high.
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    thats great dude. Go ahead and smoke your scull-cap, cannabis gets me plenty high.
    And i quite enjoy the synthetics

    And you have recieved an infraction for that "druggie" shit you have been posting in a few threads.
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    you just received a Teo-Infraction for not knowing how to work with the plants

    if you get too many I will ban myself from this site!
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    God you think hes finally left and things quiet down and then BAM the idiot returns and continues to sit on his high horse making everything he says an insult again. Oh well atleast it seems like a swift banning is heading his way. Also these blends are way to expensive for what your actually buying. They should only be like 20 bucks max and even thats pushing it.
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    you gotta make your own smoking blends and have fresh ingreidents... gotta grab yo ass a 'glass dick' and 'crack torch'.
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    Chasing the dragon is best...though I wonder, what plants do people use for making smoking blends? Most herbs seem too harsh to bother smoking, but I do enjoy the ritual of loading up the bong.
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