Thread: Snorting Adderall COR 135 (20mg)

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    Snorting Adderall COR 135 (20mg) 
    Would I get better effects from snorting this pill or taking it orally?
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    In my experience, and I don't use adderall often so my tolerance isn't that high (one would think), I don't feel anything at all from 20mg. However, I believe most people with no tolerance do/would feel stimulating effects from this. For me, I need at least 40 mg to notice effects. Of the times I've experimented with adderall, oral administration is much more effective.
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    Take it orally with some antacids (any will do, I take mylanta/tums/rolaids).

    Snorting it is overrated. Orally with antacids will hit you hard and last a lot longer.

    It doesnt matter if you crush it or not.

    20mg's should be pretty good if its his first time.
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    If you've never ever taken it before and you don't have any other amphetamine experience, I'd just eat the capsule / tablet.

    I don't know anyone who's had a good experience snorting this stuff - I wouldn't bother personally.

    And if this is your first time ever, skip the antacids and just eat it by itself. You probably won't need any of that crap to potentiate the feeling.
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    I would take 1/2 of it and I have taken it before too. I don't like it too much though. If you want to take the whole thing to get a good feel for it then feel free to do so. I'd use it orally. No need to snort Adderall.

    These are pretty basic inquiries. -> BDD
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