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    Flexeril Cyclobenzaprine prep for injection 
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    Before I get yelled at for starting a new thread, I read the previous threads about this topic, and neither answered my question and both were closed so...
    I am thinking of preparing some of these for injection. The reason is I only have 3 of them, and I am going through w/d so I need to make them last. They only have a B/A of 30 - 50 % (probably depends on how much you ate) so my reason is to maximize what I have, not get high. I have taken this drug orally and it works well during w/d and helps me sleep.
    So, first question is what is their soluability in alcohol and water. If they are not soluable in alcohol or water, then that is that I don't want to waste these. However, if they are soluable in alcohol, then I can, crush, saturate, filter, decant, evaporate, scrape and prepare for injection. I've got the process down pretty good, so it's not an issue.
    My next question is regard to it's ROA. Should I IV, IM ,or subcutaneous,? Would I need to push real slow to avoid a "painful" rush if IV ?
    I know that injecting pills is not harm reduction and anyone reading this should also be aware that it adds a lot of risk, but I still would like to know. Also any personal experience would be nice too.. .

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    Yes you are going to have severe Anticholinergic effects.
    You are going to be really uncomfortable.

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    I managed to procude a couple more so I gave up my attempt anyway. I also couldn't find any first hand accounts either.

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    IV Cyclobenzaprine Experience Report 
    I'm relatively new to intravenous drug use, I've used a WHOPPING 30 syringes thus far! However:

    I just IV'd ~2 to ~4mg of Cyclobenzaprine HCl ("TL 177" round peach) in a little less than 1mL (~87 units.)

    Some posts claim it would burn horribly and while I concede that 2-4mg may not (or may) be a big enough dose to induce a burning sensation, I did not notice any such sensation.

    I am not "Jello-ey" but I certainly feel more relaxed than before injection.

    * Slightly less than half (2-4mg) of a 10mg cyclobenzaprine hcl pill was pulverised in a small container.
    * Warm water was drawn up into the syringe and sprayed into the pill container with varying degrees of intesity so as to prevent any "clogging" or "clumping" of the pill
    * The water was let sit for a small amount of time; it was stirred using the syringe (with needle cap ON) and let sit again to sediment the insoluble material; the solution was stirred once more and finally sedimented once more (by now I think the water was room temp.)
    * The solution was drawn into the syringe using a Q-Tip as a filter (in b4 flamewar) and injected.

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    Please do not bump old threads. Also please do not post the same thing in two old threads.


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