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    Gravol Sublingually 
    Is this an effective way to take gravol? I was at my friends watching the World Juniors and I ate too many chips and now feel like I want to puke. I figure there is too much crap in my stomach for them to work properly just swallowing them, so maybe sublingual dosing might be the ticket.

    Will gravol even help me stop feeling nauseous from eating too many chips?
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    just puke, you'll feel better and wont need a gravol
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    Yeah, but I hate puking.
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    The gravol (dimenhydrinate) will still work properly on a full stomach. Fatty food seems to slow down the absorbtion abit but it still works fine. I think gravol has to be swallowed to work because you can get the filmkote kind that has a coating on it so you don't taste the awful shit and it's meant to be taken without water so i think they would have made a sublingual kind by now if they could have.

    They alsp make suppositories in case your already throwing up or just know you can't swallow a pill. Get the generic if you can with the suppositories (most stores don't carry the generic suppositories for some reason) because they are pretty expensive.

    This is not the most practical form of administration if you are out doing anything to say the least but it's great for if your home puking your guts up for whatever reason.
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    Ahh, but I would rather throw up out my mouth than shove something up my ass. Man, life is so hard sometimes.
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