Thread: Meth and clean urine - Has it been long enough?

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    Meth and clean urine - Has it been long enough? 
    My bad, the topic should have read: "Meth and the urine test: Can I store clean urine for later?"

    The last time I shot meth was Tuesday morning, the 22nd. I will be going in for a urine test tomorrow. Everything I've read says 3 or 4 days is all it takes but I went for 5 just in case. What I'd like to know is:

    1) Can I piss now, store it and use it tomorrow so I can do some meth today? And if I can ...

    2) How do I store it?

    3) How do I make sure the piss is the correct temp for tomorrows test? They have sticky type temperature strips on the outside of the collection cup so that they know it came from a bladder.

    I'm thinking ... if I piss in the cup tomorrow to warm up the temperature strip, then empty it and pour in the piss from today, they will see the temperature read correctly, but the sample will be clean.


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    5 days should be plenty of time for the meth to be out of your system.

    Can't answer your other questions, though, sorry.

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    We do not allow drug testing questions on BL. Check erowid or the closed drug testing sub-forum in BDD

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