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    Shooting Meth 
    I have been slamming meth for like 7 months and I need to know if its ok to shoot up whatever blood mixed with the meth i shot up like a couple days later....... I use the 3ml gauge needles with the removable tips and they always leave like a certain amount of stuff in between the needle and the plunger part . I basicallly am asking is it ok to slam my old shots in my rigs if its a couple days later.

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    Nope. Not safe. Neither is meth

    You can get really sick shooting day old blood.

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    Absolutely not safe.
    A horrid systemic infection is likely, and a blood clot that will cause a heart attack or stroke is possible.

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    If you insist, rinse your rig out with bleach. But it's really not a good idea to re-use rigs, unhealthy for a number of reasons.

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    I dont think OP's main concern is reusing a rig, i think shes talking about salvaging the meth/blood that wasnt injected. The answer is obviously, no. But you can safely plug it, as far as i'm concerened and to my best knowledge.

    sorry if i'm wrong about your question

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    I hope to god you listen to everyone here, can we get a reply just to be sure?

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    Im guessing it was a troll from the super huge text and silly question.

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    Shooting street meth is already not safe due to all the possible cutting agents that you can find in it.

    Though about using the same syringe again, yes you can but you MUST follow a few steps or else you are risking some serious infection and not only.

    Save the needle cap. Once you used the syringe wash repeatedly with alcohol (pure ethanol is reccomended). By washing I mean fill the syringe with alcohol and shot it out a few times. Remember also to clean the outside of the needle, then put the cap back on the needle.

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    Mushrooms are boring.
    Consider checking out

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    well you sure ain't doing it for your health so why worry?

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    I don't even know what to say to this. Has anyone seen that documentary on meth "Meth in Montana".. I think. where the bitch shoots meth into her neck and says "Everytime I do that I feel like I died for 30 seconds"... lol

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    old blood? sounds dirty. When you IV anything make sure you are as clean and safe as possible!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hobhead View Post
    well you sure ain't doing it for your health so why worry?
    I'm really gonna like this site....


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    Death from the orange 3mm EMT needle, just tring to help another 
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    NO Absolutly not, there are these things called blood-borne parasites/bacteria (feell sorry for all you germaphobes on Ice, scatching at bugs that arnt there and shit) and also AIDScan be transported one way and contracted another...... Aids is on everything!!!! west nile, staff, shit you name it if that blood has been sitting at room temp 4 over 15 min. you can bet somethings growin in it. Could be a stomach virus or fucking eboli(if ur in africa) take no chances. I have hep c from doing dumb things. imagine living with a virus you gave yourself, Its going to take twenty hears off my life!!!! But all be damned if I stop my lifestyle everyone has to pass someday. Urs might be in that eboloa blood pimpin. Keep it real out there
    good question, As significant x-Junk use, I know what blood your talking about. now the cottons on the other hand........ U could wash um.... as long as there not contaminated..
    Use to be an emt got a hot handle on the safe workings for IV use.. Off the street junky life expectancy 20 years with a junk habit, ave recreational EMT dude there narcan on call 24 7 if someone gets to wild... 1 ml will straight breath reality back to them (with a headache of course)
    With speed we really never counter acted it bc. 90% of the call are either wiggin out people or rookies who think there going to die./
    The goals of pharmacotherapy are to reduce the toxic effects of the drug, reduce morbidity, and prevent complications.
    usual assessment:
    get airway control, oxygenation and ventilation support, and appropriate monitoring is required. hypertension, hypotension, hyperthermia, metabolic and electrolyte abnormalities, and control of severe psychiatric agitation are indicate
    Treat hyperactive or agitated patients with droperidol or haloperidol, butyrophenones which antagonize CNS dopamine receptors and mitigate the excess dopamine produced from methamphetamine toxicity. Multiple human and animal studies attest to the efficacy of droperidol and haloperidol in acute methamphetamine toxicity.51,52,39 However, droperidol has been subject to a Black Box warning by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and, as a result, some institutions restrict its use. The doses of these medications should be titrated to the symptoms and should be administered intravenously
    if heart palpitations become a issue or blood pressure is through the roof
    Hypertension and tachycardia(bloods moving faster than the heart can move it through the veins usually 215 BPM, bad)(first line of choice is Benzodiazpines(not lorazapam though, interaction... usually Versed do it right the first time no repeat)
    * If sedation fails to reduce blood pressure, antihypertensive agents such as beta-blockers and vasodilators, are effective in reversing methamphetamine-induced hypertension.
    * With regard to choice of beta-blockers, labetalol is preferred because of combined anti–alpha-adrenergic and anti–beta-adrenergic effects. Esmolol is advantageous because of its short half-life but must be administered via IV drip. Metoprolol has excellent CNS penetration characteristics and may also ameliorate agitation. These drugs should be given IV in smaller than usual doses and titrated to effect.
    * In rare instances(mofo has eaten a 4 gm piece, or if theres anything over five grams and its been over 30 and untold amount has been ingested, surgery is scheduled immediately , afterload reduction with agents such as hydralazine, nitroprusside, or fenoldopam may be necessary.
    * Patients with chest pain and suspected ACS should also receive sublingual nitroglycerin(super headache got dared to take on as a initiation prank, opana wouldn't stop my headache)if their blood pressure is normal or elevated.

    I hope Ive scared u enough to know the danger Im not perfect I still poppum. But I prefer IM it last longer. and is way way safer even with amphetes, hell dexro has a very low LDL when administered IM

    check this link out its got alot of info But ignore the title its majority toxicity report

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    So why do you guys and girls do meth anyway ? I'm not vein rude I'm just curious

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    Well I Have!!but beware cus last pm i left it in the ice cream scoop cus the needle clogged and i 4got it and it dried up...has to be left in the syringe!

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    Closed. Please don't bump old threads without adding significant content.

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