Thread: How can you refresh marijuana?

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    How can you refresh marijuana? 
    So my weed has been sitting in a dark, fairly warm place for about a week. When I got it, it had an incredibly strong scent and was quite malleable (not sure if that's the right word).

    However, now, a week later, it's dry and breaks apart very easily. Is there something I can do to make it a little more fresh? Spray water?
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    put a peice of an orange peel in the container with it, make sure the weed doesn't touch the peel though. anything that's similarly moist should do the trick. Careful though cause some of the flavors may be absorbed, don't use anything you wouldn't want to taste when you're smoking.
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    I Don't get it, whys everybody hating on dry weed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Newbierock View Post
    I Don't get it, whys everybody hating on dry weed?

    I hate it when it gets to the point where it crumbles from the bud into a dust-shake. That's when the smoke gets harsher, the weed burns quicker, it's harder to roll a joint/blunt with a defined shape and more weed pulls through a bowl/cone whenever you smoke it through glass.

    I don't like wet weed, either, though... it's gotta have that certain balance.

    OP: All kinds of fruit peels will work the way ryanplagues described the orange peel trick. You can also use a bit of bread. That'll taint the smoke a lot less than a citrus fruit peel.
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    I think I'll try the orange peel. Never smoked orange-y weed, yet,
    And as Jibult pointed out, dry weed burns way too quickly.
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    You can either do the orange peel route, or if you dont want the orangey taste, u can just take a piece of napkin, get it wet, but not soaked, and put it in a tupperware with the weed. this will rehydrate it.
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